This video shows how chiropractic adjustments are performed by Dr. Stephen R. Gunter, DC. It is an actual office visit and was posted for educational purposes and to promote dialogue. For those interested in this field, this is a great video to observe. If there are questions, Dr. Gunter will check in to answer. Frequently asked question: “What was that clicky thing he was pushing on him? He does it at 4:26” Answer by Dr. Gunter (backcareplus) “This is clearly the most common question I get. That is an adjusting instrument called an Activator. It is spring loaded for rapid delivery of a force to move one vertebra at a time and has some advantages (and disadvantages, too) compared to traditional manual techniques. This treatment sequence shows several distinct methods of correction, and I commonly combine them in the manner shown, although there are times that one single method may be more desirable on a given treatment session.”

  1. BackCarePlusApr 14, 2010

    @leafsfan1991 The instrument has the same effect everywhere used, which is to create a rapid motion at a specifically selected site to stimulate the mechanoreceptors of the tissue, which are designed to create proprioceptive signaling to the brain and increase positional awareness at the subconscious level. In other words, the treatment is intended to up-regulate brain function and improve physiology. While DC ‘s focus on spine, it is by no means the only parameter we monitor and modify. Health.

  2. leafsfan1991Apr 14, 2010

    Question for Backcareplus, at 5:15, what effects can the applicator have when used on the arms/wrists?

  3. yehudiadelphosApr 14, 2010

    From having looked at this clips a few times over, I believe Stephen here has done a very fine job, being very professional, as he does make the effort to look carefully over the patient, particularly when checking for any extremities, especially along the spinal area.
    Good job Stephen, If ever I was going to visit a chiropractor, then I would hope to be treated someone like yourself, one who knows exactly what they are doing, and what to look for.

    Sincerely, Yehudi

  4. coral221Apr 15, 2010

    I’m a 26 y/o female that ate the age of 17, during a waterskiing accident broke my back in 3 places, including my compressed discs in my lumbar spine, and one broken bone in my cervical spine. without chiropractic visits, i wouldn’t be the amazing and fully functional nurse and mom i am today. before having normal chiropractic visits, i was in pain everyday. now 9 years later, i still am dealing with this but maybe on a once a month basis vs having pain everyday. it really changed my life!!

  5. TrickroadApr 15, 2010

    Did you die???

  6. BackCarePlusApr 15, 2010

    @Trickroad OMG!! Is that the best you’ve got?

  7. TrickroadApr 15, 2010

    Did he die??

  8. BackCarePlusApr 15, 2010

    @yehudiadelphos In some previous posts I elaborate on the purpose of the methodology. Perhaps I should collate those posts and put them up on my web page, but the short answer is that proprioception (body awareness of position in space) is of critical importance to the CNS, so interfacing with the autonomic system as you see here has far reaching consequences for neural function, and therefore, health through balanced physiology. Such a simple idea that people get up in arms, “it can’t be!”

  9. yehudiadelphosApr 15, 2010

    Thanks very much for this presentation Stephen. I haven’t been to a Chiropractor before, but it was interesting and eduactional while observing this video. I would like to know more about the activator, and what it actually does, and the purpose of why you use it. It looks very interesting from student minded pointed of view.
    Sincerely Yehudi

  10. ubergoofballApr 15, 2010

    my chiropractor used one of those activator things on the bottoms of my feet 😀

  11. BackCarePlusApr 15, 2010

    @vessvsupercharged sorry to hear of your frustration. In my practice, when I don’t see results I change the treatment or stop entirely. I can’t imagine it taking me $3000 to figure out that I can’t help someone. And, as I say, I don’t do the same thing to the same patient every time, nor do different patients all get the same thing. I suppose that there are some chiropractors who practice like that, however. That turns out to be out of my control, so I focus on what it is that I can do.

  12. BackCarePlusApr 15, 2010

    @stewpott11 I’m demonstrating several different methods, both manual and instrument assisted, to show a variety of approaches that might be useful. The manual techniques are called Diversified, the blocks (wedges) are from SOT, and the instrument is the Activator. I also do some myofascial release to the upper cervical and suboccipital area. I don’t believe I used the laser in this video, but often include it in treatment.

  13. vessvsuperchargedApr 15, 2010

    @BackCarePlus the treatment i see in this vid is the same that i have experienced and spent over $5000 on its really annoying paying someone who does the same procedure for different problems,no wonder why im still in pain

  14. stewpott11Apr 15, 2010

    What technique is it that you are using? as in what branch of chiropractic…

  15. quanmillion23Apr 15, 2010

    i bet that guy was never the same after that.

  16. BackCarePlusApr 15, 2010

    @vessvsupercharged Sorry to hear of your unsatisfactory experience. But what has that got to do with this video? Is the treatment you see demonstrated similar to those that you have experienced? One of the reasons this is posted is to show what a treatment can be like, and I don’t believe that your criticism is applicable to what you see me doing here. My hope is that chiropractic patients will expect, ask for, and receive a higher level of care for themselves. Thanks for watching.

  17. eristderbesteApr 15, 2010

    what in gods name the dr. do withthat “snatch'” instrument???? what is it? it “lokks” professionell. thx thank you all for your answers

  18. vessvsuperchargedApr 15, 2010

    i have been to over 20 different chiropractors for different kinds of back pain,they all do the same crap,i dont know why they bother asking me where the pain is when they just crack it the same everytime,im in 2 minds about them

  19. vessvsuperchargedApr 15, 2010

    i have been to over 20 different chiropractors for different kinds of back pain,they all do the same crap,i dont know why they bother asking me where the pain is when they just crack it the same everytime,im in 2 minds about them

  20. liggotippoApr 15, 2010

    @ospreylookout you suck balls

  21. liggotippoApr 15, 2010

    @ospreylookout you suck balls

  22. WitlessSodApr 15, 2010

    @BackCarePlus After much unfruitful searching, I finally managed to find the article. As it turns out, the paper has, astonishingly, no control group. The failure to include any control group makes the paper’s conclusions unwarranted. I’m sorry to say that it’s bad science. I have to wonder if the article got published because of Fallon’s status as co-founder of the journal.

  23. money4412Apr 15, 2010

    you never made such claims…I was referring to osprey in this statement on a followup of you informing me of ospreys beef with chiro. You misunderstood, which happens with text dialogue sometimes, I apologize I should have been more clear. For me the issue isn’t personal, I have nothing in it and am not a chiro. but the hate that is thrown at the profession never really occurred to me until I researched the field.

  24. WitlessSodApr 15, 2010

    @money4412 Where have I said or even implied that I hate the profession? And if I did, what would make you think that it’s out of spite? This, so far, seems to be the dynamic: some guy makes some remarks that are critical of chiro, then it automatically turns personal, and not about the point the guy raised. Some people are skeptical about the claims of chiro to be able to treat, it seems, any and all conditions, and chiro’s answer is: ooh, you’re just a big meanie.

  25. money4412Apr 15, 2010

    @BackCarePlus, ok but there are those in the profession who are giving it a black eye by professing to have the ability to cure ailments beyond the scope of the back. Unfortunately, these few make the chiro. profession look quakery when it is anything but. I have had chiro. help with my back pain and it is an effective treatment for such ailments.

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