How to meditate

How to meditate

A video over meditation, how to meditate.

  1. TeniareApr 14, 2010

    So…I guess I shouldn’t listen to this while Im trying to meditate? o_o;;

  2. C0C0nutFaceApr 14, 2010

    @Thet3 How camp!

  3. haileyandspotfur1Apr 14, 2010

    do I have to be naked like the video shows??

    (cuz I kind of like my clothes)

  4. GamthalionApr 14, 2010

    @GaianEnergetic You should not ask yourself that question. You already know the answer, You dont see it ,your mind wanders to find an explanation a meaning. your wandering away from its trough.

  5. PeterL524Apr 15, 2010

    made this a fave, very cool and peaceful.

  6. KIDDYANIMATIONApr 15, 2010

    I think this is very good. C0C0nut Face is totally wrong and should be banned for making rude or offensive comments

  7. Thet3Apr 15, 2010

    Buddhist monks work alot actually cleaning, cooking, farming.. You’ll be suprised that it’s easier to work long hours all day everyday then quiet the mind & realize you are not your thoughts & see everything as it is!! Ever see the Matrix movie? their is some truth to it..

  8. Thet3Apr 15, 2010

    @C0C0nutFace You missed the whole point but it’s ok.. you can’t understand something you don’t want to!!

  9. C0C0nutFaceApr 15, 2010

    @myndae I just made a point. If you can’t take criticism without throwing sarcasm and accusations about, then that’s your problem. (What have black people got to do with stereotyping, anyway?)

  10. myndaeApr 15, 2010

    @C0C0nutFace Thanks for sterotyping all Buddhist. Got any pearls of wisdom for Black People too??? (sarcasm intended)

  11. SinderkingApr 15, 2010

    @flyingtroll21 you don’t, body’s still breathing a little ‘automatically’ but you aren’t aware anything at that deep state 😀 try it.

  12. knoblauchtvApr 15, 2010

    This really shouldn’t be called “How to meditate”

    It’s a parody of the whole idea.

  13. gnarshap13Apr 15, 2010

    @C0C0nutFace yo the reason why they dont do charities is because its one not a scam like christianity they not trying to just use “GOD” and JESUS” as a way to touch boys and make money also they only borrow money from people who offer

  14. GaianEnergeticApr 15, 2010

    Does anyone know what it is, or what it means to hear a high pitch frequency during meditation? I was on top of a mountain and couldn’t ignore it.

  15. GaianEnergeticApr 15, 2010

    Does anyone know what it is, or what it means to hear a high pitch frequency during meditation? I was on top of a mountain and couldn’t ignore it.

  16. C0C0nutFaceApr 15, 2010

    Meditation? What a waste of time. Buddhists could spend their meditation time doing useful things instead, like voluntary work for charities. Buddhists would rather close their eyes and think about themselves rather than actually get a job or help others. They’re always borrowing money too.

  17. DjHyphieApr 15, 2010

    People, don’t be so thoughtless!!! Actully, do 🙂 hehe. The way I get into a relaxed state is to breathe in and out the nose, focus only on this and don’t try to breath but rather observe yourself breathing as a natural process like the tide coming in and going out. When you do this you tune into the rhythm of ‘nature’. Focusing directly on the NOW moment also helps detach from thoughts. I recommend Listening to Eckhart Tolle’s “The Power Of NOW” it will help in your every day life, i promise.

  18. DjHyphieApr 15, 2010

    @flyingtroll21 yes, you die. haha

  19. TheGentijanApr 15, 2010

    it’s really or not?

  20. clevell82Apr 15, 2010

    @seethroughwalls just dont interfere with what other thing… they have that ability as you dont have those… so just listen… if cant stay with it.. then just find something that interests you….

  21. flyingtroll21Apr 15, 2010

    Do I die when breath and thought stops?

  22. bofhd89oApr 15, 2010


  23. HolyCrapsItsKeychainApr 15, 2010

    how do you resume breathing?

  24. HolyCrapsItsKeychainApr 15, 2010

    I feel comfortable when i poop

  25. sirben2Apr 15, 2010

    @Shendersonification, These days, eBay. XD

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