What is the difference between Taoist meditation and Zen meditation?

What is the difference between Taoist meditation and Zen meditation?

Is Zen meditation and Taoist meditation the same thing? If not, can someone post a link to taoist meditation?

  1. PantheistApr 15, 2010

    ” Zen Meditation may be one of the few lifelines left for holding onto personal sanity. Zen meditation is the practice of sitting in preparation of calming your body and mind and opening yourself up to discovering insight into the nature of your being.”

    Taoist meditation : ” A body free from the effects of an anxious mind is a stronger body. A healthy mind actually allows for a stronger immune system. A stronger immune system fights disease more effectively; and, with luck, we achieve the ultimate Taoist goal, to live longer and healthier lives. ”

  2. Lukusmcain//Apr 15, 2010

    I don’t know. Everyone has a unique mind, and it can take many paths. When something in particular is puzzling me, I use meditation to find answers. It usually works.

  3. jasonApr 15, 2010

    Definitely 100% NOT the same!

    Moreover, there are many different types of both, and many other types of meditation apart from those two… it’s complex.

    Taoists work much more with bodily energies, especially if they are influenced by the Southern Schools.

    I put a link here to the best generally available taoist meditation I know of… there are also some very *bad* ones out there. For politeness I won’t mention their names, but if you need more info please don’t hesitate to mail me privately. I have experience advising people who want to meditate.

  4. AllegoryApr 15, 2010

    Law vs Law is as Loser vs Loser no matter which side you choose.
    The objective of meditation is be to become alive unto God(Grace),
    and such only happens when you die to the law, not by the law.

  5. P'angApr 15, 2010

    Zen meditation and Taoist meditation are different both in intent and technique.

    The intent of Zen meditation is to put an end to self-centered thinking so that one can focus on genuinely helping others. Another name for this is “enlightenment.”

    The intent of Taoist meditations can vary, but generally has to do with personal qualities of longevity, harmony, or stillness.

    There are 5 types of mind training used in Zen meditation. This link gives you a description of each type of training: http://kwanumzen.org/practice/sitting.html#techniques

    There are many types of mind and body training used in Taoist meditation, including both sitting and moving meditations.

    Taoist sitting meditation often includes a combination of special breathing techniques and visualizations that produce certain energetic results.

    Taoist moving meditation includes tai chi and qi gong practices to heal the bodies energy pathways and cultivate certain healthful energy states.

    This link describes many of the types of meditation techniques used in Taoist practice: http://taoism.about.com/od/meditation/Meditation.htm

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