What is the relation between spirituality and science?

What is the relation between spirituality and science?

I belive spirituality can be understood by self instigation. Then life’s aim turns to be being used for purpose higher than yourself. Infact Darwin’s theory of evolution tells us that aim of life is continuation of life as a whole and not that of a single individual. What ever one does which includes self development and struggle of any kind makes me feel the triumph of life and not a mere individual win.

  1. celinepienApr 16, 2010

    I think you just answered your own question!

  2. dewhatulikeApr 16, 2010

    I can dig what you said. In fact it takes a much higher thinking to go beyond the confines of religious thought. To break free from a demi-god that has been force fed to us from the freightened little minded individuals of our past. Lets keep them there…in the past. We will learn from there mistakes and take mankind to a level of consciencness that will let us spiritualy (for lack of a better term), understand science the way mother nature planned us to as a race working together towards a common goal. Survival.

  3. hcsymApr 16, 2010

    … somehow its not because there are things that science cannot explain about religion and im no fan of scientology and not even interested to explore but yes in the end all those great scientist really did attest that there are somethings science simply cant explain…
    the world is so big and it keeps changing more and more and science cannot cope up with this changes and those things…
    but i know somehow everything is connected…

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