2 Metaphysics Sciences Christine Breese Satsang Metaphysical

2 Metaphysics Sciences Christine Breese Satsang Metaphysical

University Of Metaphysical Sciences, Christine Breese www.umsonline.org http Wisdom Of the Heart Church 501(c)3 www.ucmeta.org Starlight Journal Ezine Metaphysical Newsletter http Christine Breese www.christinebreese.info http These talks by Christine Breese are satsang videos especially for the internet directly to you, sponsored by University Of Metaphysical Sciences. Christine Breese is the founder of University of Metaphysical Sciences, which offers Bachelors, Masters, Doctorate DD and Ph.D. degrees in metaphysical subjects. Christine Breese speaks often of being still in the mind and being in the moment. This is only the beginning of enlightenment. After that, the experience of knowing the self that you are is ever deepening and the journey truly never ends. If you would like to meet Christine Breese in person, she offers retreats throughout the year. You can contact University Of Metaphysical Sciences at umsonline.org for retreat schedules or registration. You can also hear 10 minute meditations by Christine at MySpace at www.myspace.com If you would like transcripts of these Christine Breese, University Of Metaphysical Sciences videos, visit: www.christinebreesevideotranscripts.com “Satsang is a gathering in truth. Satsang is not ‘given’ by the teacher, but rather Satsang happens when there are several gathered in the Truth. Enlightenment is not had just by daily meditation on non duality and other such concepts that have been taught in satsang by many spiritual

  1. zurkarApr 17, 2010

    she is speaking the truth! we are awareness, which can’t be anything false because how can you pretend to be anything and totally be aware, which you can’t. we are either false ego or total aweness. can’t be both…

  2. megagnathosApr 17, 2010

    truly lovely, for people who are still seeking, please know we all have the same things in common, regardless of what race, where in the world. in other words, wait and seeee 😀

  3. xetliveApr 17, 2010

    If I had a billion I would build a YouTube that doesn’t have ads on all over the place so I could defeat the Google Monster. 🙂

  4. hlduronApr 17, 2010

    she reminds me of a wise llamma lol i like her and no im not stoned

  5. justme10111Apr 17, 2010

    Ide move to England, marry my boyfriend, buy a big house with a huge 1000 aker forest . This would give me the person i want to be with, who lets me be myself and a forest in which to be myself. I would travel the world with my boyfriend we would go to many country’s that we want to visit. And do whatever we want!

  6. kateypie1Apr 17, 2010


  7. neothomist1275Apr 17, 2010

    “Metaphysics is astrology with words.” — Paul Valéry

  8. nlightened2Apr 17, 2010

    All the answers are simple. It is our percieved need to feed our egos and fears that make the answers complicated.

  9. BoomerNavy70Apr 17, 2010

    Here is a Zen moment.

    A good Cohiba cigar, a nice back porch and a glass of Coppola Claret.

    What is all this stuff about money? Take the billion, give it to people who reallly need it and feel better about yourself.

    Enlightenment means not to allow other people to dump their baggage on you because they made stupid choices in their lives. That is true enlightenment.

    It is very simple people. Now drop down and give me 20.

  10. deliciousonionsoupApr 17, 2010

    I’d become the secret billionaire.

  11. likoman12Apr 17, 2010

    Flowers !!!

  12. cyncmaster150Apr 17, 2010

    Awareness, good word choice, and I was about to look past my awareness- too much of that and it seems like such a void. As for the billionaire question, I was planning on going to the different places of the globe and find ways to enhance destitute peoples lives.

  13. charliedipApr 17, 2010

    I imagine you’re speaking in paradoxical terms. By a posteriori the relation to good experiences to the juxtaposed bad experiences I would find most avoid the latter unless the individual could foresee a greater or more favorable outcome by endeavoring such a task.

  14. YouNoopApr 17, 2010


  15. IssacBenAvramApr 17, 2010

    Experiences!! Life is about opportunity!! Thanks for sharing!


  16. TadRapidlyApr 17, 2010

    Christine ain’t just whistlin’ dixie here, people. Emotional pain is a blessing. Your bliss will triple when you come out the other side.

  17. Volv093tApr 17, 2010

    great video, thank you

  18. jo86stApr 17, 2010

    yeah. its all having fun . the illusion is that we are evolving but in fact we are perpetuating the same patterns over and over again: wars, cataclysms, conflicts, empires, new cool drugs, many christs etc.

  19. jo86stApr 17, 2010

    IF i were a billionaire i would have a blast. Spend 5K a day on stupid stuff and get high and party all day long. Why not have some conditional fun in the dream ah? 😉

  20. freecounselingonlineApr 17, 2010

    so when they chip us thats just an exp? LOL

  21. CryoKeenApr 18, 2010

    whats weird?

  22. BraandanApr 18, 2010

    Aham Brahmaasmi

  23. wolneymartiniApr 18, 2010

    This is a very wierd symptom of modern civilization.

  24. ngoneaApr 18, 2010

    Thank you so much for your videos, very powerful

  25. Robert1sLadySaggieApr 18, 2010

    no one has to lose out. the Divine Wow All That Is & the Universe are abundant. at our core we are love, bliss (been there:) our ego gives the illusion of separateness & misgiven thought. essentially we are all connected. what you wish for another, you are wishing for yourself. without mind we wouldn’t exist, so be mindful, not mindless. good and bad are relevant here… this generation has made them relative… (not too good or not too bad.) we are creating this hologram by free will.

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