How many atheists/agnostics can admit that religion/spirituality does do good in the world?

How many atheists/agnostics can admit that religion/spirituality does do good in the world?

That religion/spirituality isn’t all bad and evil?

I’m an atheist and I can still see the value and importance that religion/spirituality play in the world. And the many good things that come out of religion/spirituality.

This question isn’t just exclusive to Christianity, Islam, or Judaism; but rather any and all forms of religion/spirituality.

  1. Espouse obfuscationApr 17, 2010

    Sure, I’ll admit it. But it does more bad than good.

  2. ballcrusher53Apr 17, 2010


  3. LutukorApr 17, 2010

    I think there was a guy named Hitler who thought he was doing good because of his religion.

    ‘In his speeches and publications Hitler spoke of Christianity as a central motivation for his antisemitism, stating that “As a Christian I have no duty to allow myself to be cheated, but I have the duty to be a fighter for truth and justice’ -wikipedia

    I know it’s a fallacy to associate, but you have to agree that ‘good’ is a perspective of personal agenda.

    It does do good on an individual level, but when it spreads it’s just nonsense.

  4. Free Ice Cream Except ChristiansApr 17, 2010

    i can’t agree.

  5. Mongolian...Apr 17, 2010

    Yes. There are a few religions that I find to be peaceful.

    The Abrahamic faiths are the most violent. The violence is written in their texts.

    Worship of a cruel God can foster cruelty from its followers.

  6. TakaApr 17, 2010

    What good has ANY religion ever done for the world, EVER? There’s a better question for you.

    Look at Blood Song, for example. Passing judgement as taught by her particular religious faith. Is this making her a good person? No.

    I have plenty of ‘Thumbs Down’ but no one has yet to tell me one good thing Religion has done for both our past or present.

  7. Rick in the Santa hatApr 17, 2010

    Sure. Plenty of things I disagree with do some good in the world.

  8. Mama BearApr 17, 2010

    Well, they have done a good job of keeping the population down with all of the holy wars and murders they commit.
    I guess they have to do a certain amount of charity work so people won’t completely turn away from them, but they don’t seem to do much of that these days.

  9. ʎəʌəəʍ ʎəʌəəd ʎəʌəəlsApr 17, 2010

    religion and spirituality are two totally different things. but yeah, they can do good.

  10. Pathofreason.com2Apr 17, 2010

    How is being delusional productive for anyone? I mean sure playing pretend might make people feel better but does it really do any good? What other forms of “Religion/Spirituality” are productive? New age healing? Scientology? No all of it needs to go.

  11. Parrot - Obama For The Win!Apr 17, 2010

    Well, I would separate religion and spirituality. Spirituality is fine, but religion brings along tons of problems.

  12. grayureApr 17, 2010

    There are people, and there’s organised religion. If people can be sufficiently inspired to do good as a result of spiritual experiences, and if a group of people brought together by a shared faith can help others better than they do alone, not only is that a good thing, but it’s the core function of religion.

  13. Terry the KlownApr 17, 2010

    Any logical and reasonable person can see that in a world completely void of religion people would be more tolerant and more intelligent.

  14. zoltarApr 18, 2010

    Like wars, blocking scientific advance and telling people they are sinners no matter what?

  15. MichaelApr 18, 2010

    Sure, I concede it does some good. But the bad outweighs the good, to be honest.

  16. bored2Apr 18, 2010

    Now that is a brave and sensible statement.It appears that you are not of the “all or nothing” philosophy based on pride and principle.I admire that in anyone who admits to what is as clear as day !!!

    God bless,(and a gold star)


  17. CammApr 18, 2010

    Religion does do good, I’ll admit that. It’s not the religion itself, it’s the people who abuse their influence and give certain religions a bad face. People usually then just generalize from there.

  18. BOBA FETTApr 18, 2010

    Certainly religion does some good. Nobody denies that it does some evil too. The tough question is whether it does more good than evil.

  19. thesplundApr 18, 2010

    Do people who are religious or spiritual do good? Absolutely. Do these people do good because of their religion. That’s a trickier question.
    Most religions have in their dogmas and doctrines statements they are supposed to follow that are both morally sound and morally reprehensible.
    But by which criteria do those religious people choose which ones to obey and which ones to ignore?
    Societies change, morals change and the religious community is no different. But those changes are independent from religion. It’s easy to look in a religious text and cherry pick those parts that agree with modern ethics, but you have to skip over an absolute horrorshow of grotesque statements and commandments to find them.

    Christopher hitchens asked these two questions on his last book tour.

    Name me an ethical statement made or an action performed by a believer that could not have been made or performed by a non-believer

    Name me an evil statement made or an action performed that could only be made by a believer

    the first remains unanswered, the second should take anyone less than 30 seconds.

  20. Satan's Sluts AM™ GM™Apr 18, 2010

    christianity and islam is guilty for many evils
    spirituality is different to religion

  21. Frou FrouApr 18, 2010

    spirituality is great for the world, and ourselves
    but organised religion, no, its not good for the world

    beleifs and hope, faith and spirituality are good for the world
    but when they get messed up with all of humanitys worst traits, that religion brings forth in most people, well, thats nothing but damaging for us and the world

  22. JefFlyingVApr 18, 2010

    Of course it does good in the world. I also recognize that it is a coin, where the obverse side also has many bad aspects as well.

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