What angels represent the seven heavenly virtues?

What angels represent the seven heavenly virtues?

I am not catholic by any stretch of the imagination but I wondering if there were angels that correspond to each of the seven heavenly virtues. I know that each of the seven deadly sins have demons that see over them (Lucifer = pride) but I cannot find any internet references to angels that over see the virtues.

  1. Matthew!Apr 17, 2010

    I believe it is the seven archangels.

  2. BJ Freeman sic itur ad astraApr 17, 2010

    if you study religion you will find the number 7 represent completeness or perfection.
    in this is is about balance


    While there are demons associated with the Seven Deadly Sins, there is no such association between specific angels and virtues.

  3. JesusireeApr 17, 2010

    baby angel one represents cuteness
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