12 thoughts on “What healing stones or rocks are best for protection?

  1. Are you serious? This is the 21st century. We’re way past healing stones and rocks. The only protection they’ll provide is if you throw them at attackers.

  2. Why not casting a protection spell ? I draw the Pentagram for my Protection .

    the best protection is what connects you to your energy .

    it also depends on which protection .

    type of protections:

    General Protection
    Home & Family Protection
    Physical Protection
    Psychic Protection
    Spiritual Protection
    Other Types of Protection

    I found an interesting site you might want to read :


  3. I’m sure there’s more than on,;my personal fave is
    hematite. Hematite is one of the”7Metals” and it absorbs
    negativity on contact.

  4. Although quartz may be somewhat more dense, I’d go with granite. Very solid and easily located. On the other hand, diamond is the toughest rock. So maybe diamond, if you can find it.

    Oh dear, this isn’t about geology, but about the “spiritual” properties of rocks. Never mind.

  5. While hematite, obsidian, and black tourmaline can be useful for blocking and grounding, I have found that for me amber is far more useful. Amber does not hold negative energy and will actually transmute it. Think of it as a “teflon shield”— it deflects negativity. And because it has a benign quality to it, you aren’t shooting yourself in the foot by constantly trying to “protect” yourself. Remember, the more energy that you put into the thought that you “need” protection, the more you will draw negative energy to you.

  6. Pyrite is supposed to be the best stone for protection. Amethyst to see through to their true intentions (it help you be more psychic). Quartz to raise the energy of the other stones. If you want them to work with you them use sodalite along with these. Hope this helps. Blessed be.

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