chakra’s meditation – the third eye chakra

chakra’s meditation – the third eye chakra

the third eye chakra medtation. taken from Karma channel.

  1. individualimpact1Apr 18, 2010

    Meditate on YOU… the most important journey is the journey to discovering your-SELF… (see – individualimpact1 – channel)

  2. funkytripperApr 18, 2010

    Just had reiki done 2nd session – I had my eyes shut, I felt her had hover an inch or so over my forehead then everything went purple – WOW.
    When I come round I told her what happened & she said It was my Third Eye Chakra being awoken.
    This is no bull I swear – AMAZING!!!

  3. FolkMusicFolkApr 18, 2010

    @Angeldiane111 thank you for your encurageing words.Now i wish i had teacher.But there are none im aware of where im from.I am a beginner ive tried meditation about 20 times.and i just sit quietly with my eyes closed and breath.are ther any tips you may be able to spare?

  4. 0HollyHood0Apr 18, 2010

    f*** illuminati

  5. JohnnyRussianBlowDroApr 18, 2010

    hey i think i predicted an earthquake at night at like 4 am and it actually happened and i was like telling myself dont think about it or else it mite happen again but im not sure if it was a dream

  6. clevell82Apr 18, 2010

    @hydenblu then you are the S___!!!!! life has lots of mystery as to you who cannot gasp in this realm….

  7. TheOpenminded12460Apr 18, 2010

    How does this really work, it’s nothing more than breath play!

  8. EtimespaceApr 18, 2010

    Yes, we are one. i can proof that and we do that with Etimespace videos.


  9. hydenbluApr 18, 2010


  10. dirtbikejarodApr 18, 2010

    I love meditation i just started it was great i had my first one today i couldnt fell anything i realesed all my stress

  11. RUMIKCOApr 18, 2010

    Yes! Love All

  12. modrique04Apr 18, 2010

    Agreed they are the same. Become one with thy-self and it becomes more clear. Love all

  13. pendejadafccApr 18, 2010

    well, i did see several vids saying exactly what i posted… so idk

  14. andyastro1Apr 18, 2010

    i’m sorry but you dont know what youre talking about..

  15. peterbusboomApr 18, 2010

    If you like meditation and yoga music,
    check “Trip To Your Inner Self”
    from my last project

  16. pendejadafccApr 18, 2010

    Doesn’t it “flicker” like a serpent’s tounge? I also heard it’s a “gateway” for satan to enter you without you even noticing…. bunch of other crap

  17. andyastro1Apr 18, 2010

    through meditation

  18. andyastro1Apr 18, 2010

    why is it evil????

  19. SpartophragmosApr 18, 2010

    Estas prácticas sólo pueden aumentar la conciencia de sí mismo, lo que no afronta el problema del mal que reside en cualquier alma. Por eso necesitamos la curación de un salvador – Jesús el Mesías, cuya sangre borra nuestra iniquidad.

  20. pendejadafccApr 18, 2010

    What? What are you talking about?

  21. dogcraptoesApr 18, 2010

    Man this stuff messes with my mind.

  22. RUMIKCOApr 18, 2010

    Good And Evil Are One And The Same. Do not be affraid to open your mind. 🙂

  23. truth32loveApr 18, 2010


  24. pendejadafccApr 18, 2010


  25. SpeakClearApr 18, 2010

    I think it might not be a good idea. It is better to put your faith in God and do what he wants.

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