someone who is knowledgeable in western and eastern astrology?

someone who is knowledgeable in western and eastern astrology?

i just learned that for chinese zodiac, the year you are born on determines your animal however there is an inner animal and secret animal which is based on your month and hour of birth

similar with western astrology, i am a gemini, however my moon is saggittarius and rising is cancer, so when looking at compatibility with someone, which sign do i look at? the gemini, saggi, or cancer to compare compatbility?

  1. SilverApr 18, 2010

    Well I know my Chinese animal monkey is most similar to Leo -from the western astrology signs if that’s what you were asking? -If you list the year you were born, I’ll look up the animal you are similar Eastern sign.

  2. cassattApr 18, 2010

    it depends on ur birth chart but i think sun sign is stronger in determining ur personality than ur rising. ur rising is what u appear to be but i’ve noticed that there’s a big difference btwn someone who’s an ascendant and the sun sign in that ascendant.

    i think sag may be good partner in the long run b/c she will have traits u lack and u guys can balance each other out. but i read that gemini’s best lover is libra. i met gemini guys who were attracted to pisces. (e.g. drew barrymore and justin long)
    i also read somewhere that ur best match may be the sun sign of the sign that falls in ur Venus. for example, if u have Venus in Sagittarius, ur best match is someone who is a Sag.

    i think i know what site u are talking about with inner animal and secret animal. i think all 4 pillars attribute to ur personality. i found a link that discusses the 4 pillars and how they relate to ur relationships with people in diff groups.

    but a lot of sites indicate that the DAY represent u. maybe Day is like ur Sun sign. i do think Hour is important also b/c Snakes are supposed to be most enigmatic and Marilyn Monroe, James Dean and Michael Jordan are all born in hour of Snakes.

    one last thing, ur 12th house is where ur secret enemy lies. in ur case, oddly its gemini. so u may want to look out for that. ur 12th house in relation to ur sun sign is Taurus. secret enemies are someone who can comfort u but also deceive and betray you.

  3. djoeskywalkerApr 18, 2010

    Eastern astrology has many different approaches. The animal signs based approach is way too simplified and should not be used as a sole source.

    There are three approaches/systems that are used widely for fortune telling:
    1. Ba Zi (Four Pillars)
    2. Zi Wei Dou Shu (Purple Emperor)
    3. I-Ching Ba Qua

    Zi Wei Dou Shu describes ones main character, life-long trend of health, wealth, love life, etc. Plus current 10 years and one year fortune shift.

    I-Ching Ba Qua is for answering specific questions one at a time.

    You may find more info on the web, or just wiki those approaches.

  4. Susan SApr 18, 2010

    The Chinese sign is more akin to Jupiter which traverses the zodiac approximately every 12 years from the viewpoint of earth and therefore changes sign each year.

    Then you have your sun sign which changes signs every month and the hour of birth relates to the ascendant.

    When looking at ‘synastry’ in non-chinese astrology there are several things to look at. The sign on your descendant (i.e. opposite sign to your ascendant) can often show the type of people you are attracted to (and here I mean friends and personality types – not just physical attraction). It seems stereotypical to say but usually for a woman we look to the masculine planets in our chart to asses what sort of man we want (if heterosexual) so that means Sun and Mars. Men would look to Venus and the Moon to see what kind of woman they look for. So with Sagi Moon you need and feel nurtured by a woman who is Sagitarrian in nature. Just fiery, fun and freedom loving with probably an adventurous nature and good intellect.

    In addition you have aspects between the planets in the two charts in question.

    It really gets a whole lot more complicated than just ‘what sign do I want to meet’. I’m sure your heart tells you that anyway!

    Also, when we have ‘synastry’ in our charts for me that means we possibly get involved with someone and we have a profound effect on each other – but that doesn’t mean it’s all plain sailing. Relationships are a huge learning experience. Learning about who we don’t want and also about our own shortcomings.

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