25 thoughts on “Sugar Plum Fairy

  1. This version is by far my favorite. She’s like… clockwork made out of water, and dead on to the music.

  2. I can’t watch this without laughing uncontrollably. I guess because it reminds me of Ren and Stimpy so much.

  3. I knew a guy when his Ex Wife called him on his cell phone it would play this music. She was his Nut Cracker…

  4. Oh yeah, ballerina, lol. “balleteer”, oh lawld. Ballet sure is beautiful, I’m not denying that πŸ™‚

  5. Its funny, but still true, I mean, if you want to achieve something in dance than the last thing would have to be worrying about looks, like muscles on your tights. and yes, feet may not look so great, especially if your’re dancing with bare feet for days. But dancers dont care about that.

  6. @Assiman im a BALLERINA. lol. and no, our feet may not be beautiful, but its worth the beauty of the dances that come out of them! (my feet are NOT a pretty site btw. lol)

  7. I once saw ballet dancer’s (balleteer?) feet.. It’s really not a beautiful sight

  8. wow! her legs r like rubber! they dont even look conected to her body!!! beautiful song

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