What cultures predict the indigo children?

What cultures predict the indigo children?

I have joined speech and debate at my school and I need a to know some cultures that predict the arrival of the indigo children. Well I know the Mayan calender “predicts” a change on Earth in 2012 because it ends there, and I know there are some indigo cultures that have a prophecy towards them but I can never find exactly what culture and how they predict it… so does anybody know? (please no answers saying, “indigo children don’t exist” thank you)

  1. Genane FApr 18, 2010

    The modern hippies.

  2. StellaApr 18, 2010

    The whole “indigo child” thing is part of the New Age movement so far as I know.

    IMO it’s just a way for parents to think their little darlings have a “special spiritual destiny” so they can ignore the fact that they’re really spoiled rotten, rude, whiny, misbehaved hellions. LOL

  3. Gretchen ZApr 18, 2010

    Indigo Children began as a “New Age” movement deal in the USA in the 1970s. There is no evidence to predate this. It originated as a propaganda schtick to sell books.

    You should also research the Meso-American calendar and the Mayans, and 2012 in general as well, as you have been duped based on what I have read in your question.

    The Mayans predicted nothing…

    Well, it’s a little more complicated than that (PLEASE see the source onthis one), but… The Mayans predicted nothing.

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