Hatha Yoga for Neck and Shoulder Pain – 57 minutes

Hatha Yoga for Neck and Shoulder Pain – 57 minutes

yogayak.com presents Michael Riel leading you through a one hour yoga flow designed to release those hard-working neck and shoulder muscles as well as loosening the related muscles and joints through the whole body. This class is designed to decrease headache and shoulder pain as well as increase awareness of how the whole body interrelates. Using twists, strength building postures and backbends, this class will help you bring circulation to your body after a long day. Duration 57 min

  1. rawtofuApr 19, 2010

    this guy sounds like boyd rice.

  2. MrValterviApr 19, 2010

    Maravilhoso, melhorei minha coluna 15 anos.

  3. aimeeobeirnApr 19, 2010


  4. ravioli49Apr 19, 2010

    Thank You.

  5. onthinice766Apr 19, 2010

    damn. i almost started hallucinating. that was great

  6. kumarbm19Apr 19, 2010

    This is really good and is one of the most detailed set of exercises I have seen for neck and shoulder pain. It really helps! Thanks.

  7. fly666metalApr 19, 2010

    I’m from Chile, excelent class y loved it… and the teacher it’s very atractive…. this video really helped me to my neck pain… thank you…

  8. d123am312Apr 19, 2010

    I started getting dizzy from having my head down so much, but that always seems to happen in yoga for me. Great video. The “right”+”left” instructions got mixed up sometimes though.

  9. cmmnsenseApr 19, 2010

    Are these exercises supposed to relax muscles because it’s doing the complete opposite for me.

  10. moonchild402Apr 19, 2010

    this was great! i had a lot of trouble with the shoulder-on-the ground stretch though…will take some time. thanks very much!

  11. horselover8901Apr 19, 2010

    i tried to do this but i got creeped out because of the voice and the tight shorts lol

  12. guillaumel21Apr 19, 2010

    @alcyonae nope way too much tension u really need to start stretching

  13. alcyonaeApr 19, 2010

    Gahhh I almost felt like crying while doing the exercise…
    I think I’m way too tense on my shoulders and neck
    And I wasn’t even pushing myself to what he was doing… is that normal?

    Although, I’m starting to feel a little better as time goes by

  14. hakirbyApr 19, 2010

    What about an option to purchase this and download it?

  15. SubhadrapremaddApr 19, 2010

    Thank you so much for this video, it really is a blessing. Outstanding instruction. Thanks again.

  16. FootbalFutbolS0ccerApr 19, 2010


  17. AnikaScheuermannApr 19, 2010

    wow, thank you so much. I’m a violinist so I have a lot of neck pain and this really helps.

  18. youtuubemattersApr 19, 2010

    Michael Riel is a badass.

  19. gaugin1903Apr 19, 2010

    Your teaching is phyntastic!
    please, tell me how did you managed to post a video longer then then minutes.

    thank you in advance.

  20. EvamarsalApr 19, 2010


  21. ge0metr1xApr 19, 2010

    wanted to thank you again for the vid. It’s a blessing for many

  22. qmars4782Apr 19, 2010

    I am subscribing now.. This is perfect for people who spend all days in front of computer..

  23. poosaypirateApr 19, 2010

    @realcampusman yaay! yoga is so good for you and so rejuvenating !

  24. realcampusmanApr 19, 2010

    @poosaypirate, yes, it can

    sometimes bones and muscles do need to shift into place

    i had a huge shift in my abs a couple days ago. THANK YOU GOD..my neck has been going into place too, i am not crazy anymore

  25. HealthAndCuresApr 19, 2010

    Cure Shoulder Pain here: watch?v=Q0uOvCtrf6g

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