What is a simple way to consecrate a Pagan altar?

What is a simple way to consecrate a Pagan altar?

I am setting up an altar on an old barbecue in my garden, which I would like to dedicate to the Norse Aesir and Asynior. I am an Eclectic Pagan, and was wondering if anyone had any really simple suggestions on how I could consecrate the altar, preferably without doing a circle casting or anything complex.


  1. Shirley PhelpsRoperApr 19, 2010

    Heathens!!!!!!!!!!! Do you not know that there are many Churches where you can go already?

  2. Coop 366Apr 19, 2010

    Some Churches have altars already and they are not God”s!!!

  3. gossamer presents... Sarah!Apr 19, 2010

    Here’s what I think. Nobody even speaks the language that these Norse Gods-believers spoke and nor do we have any record dealing with this specifically. If anyone gives you any detail, let me tell you how it was probably obtained.

    So, an anthropologist within the last 80 years probably went to Norway or Sweden and went to some rural place and tried to see any ruins. Then they probably went to manuscripts of whatever details may have survived. That’s the only way we know. There were probably dozens of distinct rituals and cults that existed, and any random culture that may have been preserved by having a few paragraphs written about, is all we have for references.

    If you do find any reference for Norse rituals, it’s probably from a very specific tribe and location and would certainly not have been the only way to do it. Also, oh here’s another thing, why are you so willing to search out what they did, if the tribes didn’t search out for it. The tribesman were just inspired, as were all of the other tribes within the Norse colonies, so why don’t you come up with your own ideas? I can’t imagine how the gods and spirits would be offended by this. The other people were inspired as well. Or maybe you should start praying to them and asking them. Why are yo uasking. You gotta start taking this more seriously. You’re not preparing a meal, that you need an ingredient list and a cook book. You’re trying to connect with spirits and gods.

    My point is, just figure it out on your own. Just try and do as the tribes leaders back then did… come up with your own rituals. And especially don’t buy those meager overpriced books that they sell in the bookstores in the New Age section. Okay, I take that back maybe they can serve you as inspiration.


    I had one thing to correct, the tribal leaders didn’t “make things up,” they were “inspired.”

  4. Ymmo the HeathenApr 19, 2010

    Sarah, as much of a troll as she is, got one thing right:
    if you’re eclectic, feel free to do what you feel is right.

    You don’t need to “cast” a circle if you don’t want to. All you need to do is in some way “clean” the area of unwanted influences (you can sweep it, you can pour some water over it… use your imagination). It’s important what you visualise, not what you do with your hands!

    After that, the simplest thing you can do is simply speak out some words, along the lines of: Aesir and Asinyur, hear me! I dedicate this altar to your honour! Receive this gift from me! (and pour a libation or give/burn an offering or whatever it is that you’re giving).

    I prefer mine a LITTLE more elaborate, but if you want it simple, that’s enough. Again, it’s important what you do inside (with your mind – you can be sure that gods see that!!), not what physical stuff you push around.

  5. MSBApr 19, 2010

    Gossamer’s answer was right on. Figure out what feels right to you.

    You might consider some things like saging it to cleanse it, or annointing it with oil or blessing it with the 4 elements, invoking your dieties over it, laying hands on it and dedicating it, etc.

    Sounds like a great idea, but it doesn’t have to be complex if you don’t want it to be. Do what feels right.

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