25 thoughts on “Augustana – Angels

  1. @asianoutcast87 its when you know a person and forgive them all their faults and still want to carry on and be there through thick and thin. Doing anything for them that means something to them without question. That is love. You don’t have to get married. A piece of paper is not love.

  2. One of my favorite songs of all time! @Saphiralore: try looking under the all the stars and boulevards album.

  3. @alwayslooking4space woow if i could like this comment a million times i totally would i think that is exactly what music is about

  4. I Aqree With alwayslooking4space Because Its True That We Have To Find What The Sonqs Really Mean To Us. Honestly Music Is My Passion. There’s NEVER A Day Where I Never Stop Listeninq To It. And Also I ALWAYS Look For There Meaniinqq..(:

  5. I agree with you partially.
    You can love several people, but the one you choose to love for the rest of your life is the one

  6. not true theres more than one person who you can fall in love with theres about a billion people out there im sure people have room for two in their hearts sure you will never share the same thing with two people but you can certainly be in love with them just my opinion

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