25 thoughts on “Christina’s World & Andrew Wyeth (cool old stuff from maine)

  1. Wow! I have had that print since a child.
    Very cool. Original rain barrels.
    Of course Liz’s g-ma new her… (OMG!)

  2. YOu wanna hear something funny…I totally wrote a poem about the picture of Christina in the grass…I will have to send it to you sometime…~Raven

  3. Hi Lea!
    Great video!
    Thank you for the art history lesson.
    I’ve actually cooked on one of those old style wood stoves.

  4. I’ve always wanted to see that house.
    lol at Snark, the art historian

  5. At the risk of revealing the nerd I truly am (as if it doesn’t already show), I fell in love with Christina’s World when I was about nine.

    My grandma had an encyclopedia of art and flipping through the pages, I spotted Christina and it just stopped me dead in my tracks.

    It made me wonder more about art in general- it’s purpose and power.

    Cool vid.

  6. very educational…new england is so rich w history…

    i hope this vid was as good for you as some of your tour vids for me =)

  7. i know right? weird, but cool. i took 2 like that. reminds me of like an early picasso

  8. Okay, now I feel like Liz should do a video finishing up the part you cut off hahahaha That was an interesting visit.

  9. i’m glad you got some of the interior and the history of wyeth and his involvement with the olson house, i didn’t know any of that!

  10. This was soo cool!! I am familiar with the painting(s) but was not familiar with the stories behind them. Thanks so much Lea!!

  11. I was at the edge of my seat when Liz started telling her story. I can’t believe you cut her off. Hmm, the nerve of some people…

  12. Lovely spot. Thanks for sharing.

    Basic living, reminds me of a story from the province of New Brunswick next door:

    Late 50’s, pushy door to door salesman from Toronto knocks on rural door in New Brunswick. Insists on demonstrating vacuum cleaner. Empties sample of dirt onto lady’s hall carpet. Discovers the house has no electricity!

  13. Maine is a beautiful place. The will of some people to move forward and not give in to their infirmities is pretty inspiring.

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