Does Reiki really work and how does one find a reputable practitioner?

I’m in the Roseville/Royal Oak area of Michigan and I’m looking into Reiki, but don’t want to try just anyone out of the book. Does it really work? What is a fair price for a session, and how long should a session be?

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  1. See reiki work on principle, when you have belief. everything on this worl dis on belief ….so first you have to understood that it is for your well being and for universe…so accept it.

  2. You have to try it first if u wanna know whether its working..sometimes it won’t work to severe disease patient so they might end up giving you false testimonials:) Where are you from?If you’re from Malaysia, I can recommend you somebody I know

  3. I’m a Reiki master in De. it does work, if the person is ready for healing many people hold on to their dis-ease because it brings them attention and love. that’s why some people survive cancer and some don’t. to find a reiki practitioner check with your local new age or herb shop, they may be able to refer you. ask questions, i apprenticed for over a year with a master to get my certificate. anyone who says there a master after a weekend is delusional. also many states have classified reiki as massage (it’s not) why i don’t know. you do not have to touch to do reiki you can work on the persons auric field.many communities have free healing groups, i would suggest that before paying someone. i personally do not charge for Reiki, i made a promise to the universe that i would heal for free to repay all the gifts I’ve been given. that’s my personal opinion.also reiki is reiki some say usui reiki (he was the founder) but rainbow, tantra, or any other thing added is not truly reiki . it’s a human mutation for the sole purpose of making money. if it doesn’t feel right look for someone else.ask the universe to guide you , that always works for me.good luck !!!!

  4. There’s a lot of wackos out there as well as legitimate practitioners. You need to trust the person who is treating you. I’d recomend you go to a few places and ask to have the practitioner explain the process and find one that you like. If you feel they are too strange for you, you can always walk out and say you’ll think about it.

    It only really works if you trust the person, and you’re willing to sincerely try it out. It work more, the more you go.

    As to what is actually happening… I’ll leave that up to you! 😉

  5. Hi! I am a Reiki practitioner and an Herbalist, and I find that my clients experience some wonderful healing through Reiki, and so do I. My sessions last for either 30 or 60 minutes, and I charge $35 and $60 respectively….I find that is fairly within the range of what people charge. I am in Massachusetts. If you are looking for a reputable practitioner, you can go through the International Association of Reiki Practitioners… . They have a locator, and have registered many fine practitioners. I am at if you have any questions.

  6. A session should cost approximately the same amount as a massage, whatever that is where you live. Around here it’s $1/minute.
    A whole-body session should be 45-60 minutes. More than that and it’s too much. You can do a whole body session energetically in less time, but a big part of the session is the relaxation aspect.
    Ask other people who have had sessions who they went to and if they liked that person. Go to new age or pagan stores–they might have someone on staff or someone who comes in once a week and does sessions. If not, they will know someone personally to recommend. Those same stores will have little free holistic health magazines with Reiki people listed. Usually if someone is professional enough to pay for advertising, they are pretty good. They should have no problem talking to you on the phone for a few minutes to see if you like them. Good luck.

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