8 thoughts on “Has anyone used Bach Flower Remedies on their dog?

  1. Yes. It works well. It’s perfectly safe. I used the rescue remedy on my dog when she was worrying at her stiches, and it calmed her right down.

  2. Yes, Bach “Rescue Remedy” is very good and safe. Easy to use by adding to your dogs water. There are lots of natural remedies that are very safe for dogs. As I have told others here today, there is an excellent publication called Whole Dog Journal for help with all things dog! They do not use advertisers, so there is NO favortism. You can get a list of holistic vets, books, etc. through them. I have learned so much from this publication in the last ten years.

  3. I have always recommended trying Bach Flower Remedies with animals. I use it regularly with my hedgehogs, when I first brought my dog home, with my cats. I’ve had very good luck with it and a bottle lasts a long time.

    One of my co-workers used to have to give acepromazine to her dog because he was terrified of thunderstorms. Now she gives him a few drops of RR a couple hours before a storm and he is much more relaxed and not doped up.

    If you look on the Bach Flower’s website you can see what flower essences you need for certain problems. If you are looking to seek aggression, I would use a flower essence in tandem with a professional dog behaviorist.

    Good luck!

  4. Not Bach specifically. Just before going to bed I spray lavendar for linens on the bed and rub lavendar lotion on my hands and place them in front of my dogs nose. It defintely calms them down. They try to lick my hands, but obviuosly that would not taste too well. Cheers!

  5. Animals are especially receptive to things such as the Bach Flower Remedies and aromatherapy. I’d give it a go, it cant hurt!

  6. I haven’t tried with my pets yet, but I use it and it’s great stuff. Try it yourself and see how it effects you. Then you can determine if you want to give it to your dog.

  7. I’ve used Rescue Remedy for my female golden retriever when she has anxiety and after she’s had a seizure (she’s got mild epilepsy). It really seems to help. Just a couple of drops inside the lip. If biting or snapping is an issue you can put it on their bose or inside the ear.

  8. I have tried Rescue Remedy on my dog for his severe thunderstorm phobia, did it work? I think him taking it helped me more than him. What I did find that worked for him was a collar that I purchased at my vets office- it is called a DAP Collar (dog appeasing phermone), it looks similiar to a flea collar material, in my opinion that worked better. Good Luck

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