How do you make your spirituality a part of each day as a pagan?

How do you make your spirituality a part of each day as a pagan?

How do you make your spirituality a part of each day?

  1. Raith the Glitter NinjaApr 20, 2010

    I try to meditate or pray every day. It’s sometimes hard with classes and homework, but I do the best I can.

  2. WhiteHouse WatchingApr 20, 2010

    It isn’t hard. All you have to do is look at the sky or the sun or the moon. Anything in the natural world to appreciate the beauty of creation.

  3. HRmassageApr 20, 2010

    Meditate, enjoy nature, slow down and notice things….

  4. ~Heathen Princess~Apr 20, 2010

    I live.
    If I live my life well it is a testiment to my codes of honor and respect which is a direcnt reflection onto my ancestors.

  5. Brillian† world-beyoundsurApr 20, 2010

    i dream….. and then the forest starts to grow within my very room, so many acres and the untainted soil . and then the room becomes the world. and as i walk i always keep in mind to live with dignity and inner peace and honor, and try to reduce the untamed pride..

    p.s: remember always to smile as the skies start crying, ‘cos after rain the magick of a rainbow will appear!
    and then once more i’ll dream…. a peaceful, different dream.

  6. Crystal clearApr 20, 2010

    Quite simply – I live my beliefs.

    I think before I act. I respect the Earth by keeping my neighborhood clean (going on regular litter-pick-up walks), and recycling & reusing whenever possible. I get involved with a few community charities. I spend time outdoors every day – even if just for a few moments, paying attention to the natural world around me. I meditate several times a week, offer up regular prayers to the gods, help others when I can. I write a lot from a pagan perspective.

    I could go on and on about the everyday activities that are a regular part of my life which I feel also are directly related to my spirituality.

  7. Priestess JeanApr 20, 2010

    Basically we strive to lead an honorable life,
    to treat others with respect, and to engage in
    reasonable behaviors… such as healthy eating,
    moderate drinking, and safe and responsible sex.

    As a Priestess I have many other duties which
    fill my day. I minister to the needs of several
    dozen members of the temple, I have ordained
    3 Priestesses who I advise, I maintain a website,
    publish a monthly newsletter, moderate a chat
    group, keep up on my own personal spiritual
    development as well as the research on our
    tradition, I perform weddings and funerals, deal
    with unusual metaphysical problems, perform
    public rituals on Solstices and Equinoxes, make
    speeches, write emails, review books and of course
    I hold regular daily private offerings to the Goddess.

    It keeps me busy.



  8. Rai AApr 20, 2010

    Easy – my path is about reducing my impact on the physical, social and natural environments.

    So my volunteering and other acts focus on this. Worked out I do volunteer 7 days a fortnight in three different organisations.


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