How does a solitary wiccan become a high priestess?

I am a solitary wiccan and don’t wanna join a coven. But i do want to know if i can become a priestess ,and at the same time be reconized as such by other wiccans.

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  1. You would need many years of experience.
    But really, the role of high priestess is found almost exclusively in the hierarchy of a coven, because by Wicca everyone is a priestess or priest, the “High” part just indicates that they are something akin to a leader/elder-type.
    @ Alorer: Are you Wiccan?

    Ha ha, sorry. I was just curious. Would you prefer I email you? 🙂

  2. Sorry but you can’t. A High Priestess is a title gained within a coven, it is a rank.
    In most pagan religions the individual is a priest/ess on his/her own because most of these religions don’t require intermediates between the individual and the dieties. In addition the clergy that exists is mostly for ceremonial reasons (e.g. in a group of 12 you can’t have all of them casting the circle etc. at the same time).

    Oh and another thing: just because one Trad or coven recognize one as a High Priestess, that doesn’t mean that her rank and title will hold much significance in other Trads and covens necessarily.

    EDIT: At Silver Star Dancer: No, but I have studied some outer court material and still do when I find books etc. Also, I know plenty of Wiccans (Trad and Neo alike) and through many talks I have learnt a lot about this religion. You could have e-mailed me you know. 🙂

    EDIT 2: Yes, because I answer quite a few questions here, and this one gets buried so I wouldn’t be able to respond to you.

  3. By stop being a solitary and joining a group and getting the required initiations.

    Sorry, but as an HP part of your duties are to the people, which means you actually have to have people.

  4. I don’t think you can. Technically a HP goes through specific training given by a coven. It takes years to get to priestesshood. Furthermore to be a priestess you must have a coven to be a “head” of. Since your not interested in being in a coven it’s pointless to be a priestess.

    Why is it you want to be recognized as HP? Do you think that it makes you a better wiccan in other people’s eyes? If that is your reasoning your not going about Wicca properly. It’s not about titles and recognition. It’s about being at one with your spiritual self.

  5. So your ego wants recognition that you are important but you don’t want to do the service to earn it. This is what the practice of typical Wiccan material (natural forces) based magic does to you. It inflates the ego. This is my objection to most forms of Wicca.

    For a solitary to become a priestess you have to turn 3x clockwise in from of your altar and say, “I’m a priestess. I’m a priestess. I’m a priestess.”

    Stop being so self centered. Leadership is recognized by your behavior, not your meaningless rank. You will be considered a priestess when you take on the role in a meaningful way and facilitate group rituals.

  6. So you want the recognition that goes with the title, but not the responsibility?

    Great. Just what we need.

  7. typically a high priestess is elected to be the leader of a coven, to become a solitary priestess doesnt necessarily have rules..what i mean is, through experience and time you will know if you are ready to be a priestess, if you are unsure, hesitant, or doubtfull you are not ready

  8. The term High Priestess denotes someone who has gone through training and has worked to lead a group.

    If you were to train on your own and started your own group, you could call yourself a High Priestess I suppose, but many British Traditional Witches won’t recognize you as a “genuine” High Priestess. The important thing is not what others think, it’s what YOU think that is important. If you can help people find their Faith and their Truth, then you’re doing your job. It’s not an easy one by any means but worthwhile.

    Ritual Craft by Amber K
    Coven Craft by Amber K

    These two books are great for helping you understand how to create your group and the rituals for it.

    Blessings on your journey.

  9. You clearly don’t understand what “high priestess” means. It’s a role that makes no sense for a solitary Wiccan.

    BTW, the title ONLY makes sense within a coven or Tradition. Wiccans outside of your coven or Tradition (if you had one) would be under no requirement to treat you any differently because your coven bestowed the position of high priestess upon you.

    People who want to be high priestesses for the “recognition” make lousy high priestesses, because it becomes an ego issue.

  10. I’m kinda surprised at a lot of you. Maybe she’s new to wicca a just doesn’t know if she can become a High Priestess or not. You are being rather rude. Jasmine, most people won’t recognize you as a high priestess outside of a coven. Not that it really matters. What matters most is that you are following the path that’s right for you in finding your spirituality. If it feels right to you than do it. As long as you live your life in a way that people can respect and say, “Now Jasimine is someone who is doing some good in the world,” then I’d say your going about it in the right way, high priestess or not.

  11. Hmm…maybe she was thinking along the lines of the legal aspects as well. As that is how I was led to this question. Such as how does a female go about obtaining ministerial credits and the right to perform legal marriages, and such in her tradition of wicca without first going through a coven, seeing as she is solitary, and has her own personal beliefs.

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