Metaphysical Christianity

Mention the word “metaphysical” around a Christian fundamentalist and you will be met with a suspicious glare. That kind of talk is not found in the bible. It is modern, it is science, it is secular, it is witchcraft, it is New Age and it is a threat. I ask you however, what part of the bible is not metaphysical?

The term “metaphysical” simply refers to something that is outside the presumed limitations of physical reality. I never know how much of the bible to take literally but I do know that walking on water, rising from the dead, feeding thousands with one fish, virgin birthing, escaping bodily destruction from fire, making the blind man see, plopping down instant human beings and turning water into wine definitely pushes the boundaries of our perceived reality. I would call these activities metaphysical.

Notice that I said “perceived” reality. It is what we decide based on what appears to be. Research has recently shown us that particles and energy can be interchangeable because they are really forms of the same essence. In other words, thought energy is transmitted by actual little electric ions. The higher we are tuned to spirit vibrations, the quicker our intention gets across and in so doing it bypasses heavier, slower methods of moving these ions around. So there really is a scientific explanation for many of the miracles we find in the bible.

Do you see what this discovery means? It reconciles science and religion which have vehemently opposed each other since the beginning of time. It explains material things in spirit terms and spiritual things in material terms. I guess I call it metaphysical Christianity.

Within this understanding we are recognizing an energetic force and we are attributing good things to it such as kindness and love and healing and beauty. This force can be broken down into a comprehension of tiny electric ions which are moving in a life enhancing direction. We are at liberty to hop on at any point of the belief spectrum, but no matter where we choose to identify ourselves, there is still a reality-based explanation for our conviction.

Fundamentalists hook up to their viewpoint by way of intense, non-intellectual emotion. That’s fine, ideas can be feelings and don’t have to have words. Metaphysicists hook up to theirs by way of scientific explanation. That’s fine too, because actually ideas and feelings are two vehicles which lead to the same understanding. Both lead to the experience of faith.

Energy and particles. Interchangeable substances. In fact, we could even do away with the word metaphysical because the phenomenon we are referring to is actually all physical. Or is it that that everything begins and ends in the spirit, so the manifestation is really just a byproduct of that great mystical power? Mystical? That word is not in the bible either, but so what? We have merged the two populations of science and religion and so we have made the world into a more integrated and harmonious place.

Olga Moe lives on an island in the Puget Sound.
She is known mostly for her fiction contributions to literary e-zines which can be found at
She has recently begun writing non fiction pieces.

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