Reflexology : Reflexology Pressure Points

Reflexology pressure points in the feet coordinate with other parts of the body, and proper massage of these pressure points can alleviate pain or discomfort in the coordinating areas. Discover reflexology pressure points with tips from a certified reflexology practitioner in this free video on alternative medicine. Expert: Darya McNolty Contact: Bio: Darya McNolty is a certified reflexology practitioner with a loyal and growing client list at the Pyramid Wellness Center in Rutland, Vt. Filmmaker: Rich Alcott

5 thoughts on “Reflexology : Reflexology Pressure Points

  1. Please explain in another video, if there is medical proof that refloxology points in the feet correlate to organs. All nerves connect to bigger nerves, to spine, to brain. If i had a callous on my foot, how does that affect my liver? ANY foot massage feels good, it relaxes you, and like a ‘fortune teller’ any one can make someone feel good with the mumbo jumbo claims and a gentle reassuring voice.

  2. Actually, you’ve basically sumed up reflexology. 😛
    While reflexologists use words like “chi” and energy flow, there actually is more and more scientific information comming out about why a good footrub works.

  3. i dont believe in reflexology, but i respect people who do. i think that it is just relaxing to get a good foot rub because it feels good. like when one part of your body hurts like your arms you feel miserable. i think the same principle applies when something feels good, and your feet are a very sensitive part of your body so they will have a greater effect.

  4. i wish there was an order to these vids, i’m not sure if i’ve seen them all or how many there are.

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