25 thoughts on “Reiki Hand Positions for Treating Others

  1. i figured out about reiki
    from basic pagan positions and energy exercises

    this guy seems like a dumbass
    but hey,
    whatever makes you happy

  2. well reiki means universal energy.
    so i doubt if there is a real master.
    i think a person who would’ve mastered reiki should be very powerful.

  3. oh you know Reiki has its own conscience, so there most be a good divine reason for that. Sometimes they need something different in order to completly heal and reiki helps a lot to realize that.
    Im gratefull for people like you who go for it and keep their practice and healers dreams!

  4. yeah i really wonder who are those idiots who keeping thumbing down such things said in lightheartedness.

    my mom herself is a reiki healer.

  5. if you are in pain often i recommend getting attuned for level 1 reiki, you can do treatments on yourself whenever you like, Reiki practitioners can charge almost 100 bucks for an hour, but for that hundred bucks you can get yourself attuned and do it yourself. Videos dont work as well as in person

  6. I suffered from chronic stomach pain caused by over work and emotional distress. I went to a Reiki healer, my pain was gone forever. I cant explain it but it is true.

  7. Drawing symbols on your hand and then self-treating is like magick.

    Developing what works for you is good right?

    This video gave me alot to work with same as your self treatment video.

    Please accept an inner wave of warmth and gratitude.

    Thank you.

  8. Thank you for posting this video. Is there a video showing the rest of the hand positions for treating others? Already I’m noticing one difference from what I was taught in Reiki Level I and I would like to find out if there are others.

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