Rescue Remedy on Martha Stewart Radio

Rescue Remedy on Martha Stewart Radio

Tania Hannan and Terri Trespicio discussed Rescue Remedy, Rescue Sleep, and Bach Flower Remedies on Martha Stewart radio’s “Whole Living” show (Sirius 112).

  1. hollybee43Apr 20, 2010

    This does work, try it

  2. presouzApr 20, 2010

    I have used RR for years, and yes its amazing how fast it can calm me down especially at night. I love the fact they have a night one now. I will be trying it!

  3. bbkingxApr 20, 2010

    This was very helpful and I hear it does work.

  4. PeaceHearTnBeauTyApr 20, 2010

    I personally used the Rescue Remedy for panic attacks and it worked amazingly for me.

  5. Ahavah8AhavahApr 20, 2010

    In all honesty, I experienced this today!! I have known about RR for a long time, but haven’t used it in years.
    This past month I’ve been experiencing full blown panic attacks… scary, awful, hard to breathe kind…and I went to the store to get some homeopathic remedies and was reminded about RR. I just bought it along with some other things.
    It was the one thing I took that had almost an IMMEDIATE effect. I mean amazing! Can’t recomend it more!!!

  6. Beardy811Apr 20, 2010

    In all honesty do you believe it is strong enough to calm down someone having a panic attack?

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