Spirituality is a Weapon

Spirituality is a weapon; a human heart that has realized its own nature and cultivated his or her heart has a weapon that is at hand wherever he or she goes. What ever life throws at them they are safe; they know how to utilize the force of spiritually cultivated heart. Regardless of the spiritual path one has chosen in this journey, spiritual feelings in a human heart is a weapon it is universal, it is loving, it is compassionate it is kind and all the good morals, that a human being can possess.

Spiritual hearts are like a garden where by you can grow all the beautiful desired morals, spirituality is like water, which is offered to a lost thirsty person who is wondering in endless hot desert. It is like a pot of endless wealth which rids all poverty. It is like a mother who protects all her offspring’s. It is like a magical lamp where you get your souls, most inner desires fulfilled. Spiritual hearts are like a rose which puts out its eternally beautiful scented fragrance. Spirituality is like a lighthouse to bring in lost ships back to the shores of love and compassion.

Spirituality is like a wish fulfilling star. Spirituality is like weapon in your heart to conquer the enemy called doubts. Spirituality is like protecting armor to shield a human from suffering. It is a weapon to slice all kind s of attacks of wrong thoughts. It is like a gardeners hand which pulls out the weeds of arrogance. It is like a life buoy to grab when lost in stormy oceans. Spirituality is a temple of love which by everyone is welcomed and invited. Spirituality doesn’t give much importance of persons outside shell rather the inside where your spirit resides. Spirit which is within you is like a giant that wants to be awakened to swim to the shores of eternal love. Spirituality is like food for our souls, it nourishes all the good qualities we might obtain. Awakened heart is like a fruit on the tree of life. Spirituality is like a musical instrument which plays the tunes of heavenly melodies right here on earth. Spirituality is an axe which cuts the tree called doubt.

Spirituality is a weapon of choice for spiritual hearts all over the world. Spiritually minded hearts know the importance of spirituality. It unites everyone; it binds all living beings in unbreakable chain called love and respect. No doubt we are fortunate to have been given the gift of life, where we get to feel love, where we get to share our souls with others by caring for the welfare of others.

Every human being has the ability also option, to follow the path of spirituality. When we look at our history we come to realize all the spiritual masters of our history reminded us to place importance of spirituality. Time and time again all over the world throughout history there were those who brought forth teachings of highest order. There is no point to judge the path of fellow human friends. Because it doesn’t matter which road we take to climb the mountain of life, on top the view will be the same. And which ever teachings it may be that is brought before mankind, never in any ancient scriptures does it mention to wrong fellow human friends of other faiths or spiritual beliefs, (study carefully and you will realize this fact)

Spiritually cultivated hearts know the oneness of us humans, and they have a weapon at will, to call upon when ever life overwhelms them. Being spiritual is a need for many human beings to give meaning to the universe we find ourselves wondering about. In the kingdom called thinking where reason and logic interact, if they interact enough then this interaction gives birth to wisdom, and the wisdom will know to love and respect eternity.

Tolga Savas

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