The Black Crowes – She Talks To Angels (original video)

The Black Crowes – She Talks To Angels (original video)

Pedazo de banda muy buena

  1. MrFartingbubblesApr 20, 2010

    would someone, anyone just tell me what this osng is about!!!!!!

  2. joec123ableApr 20, 2010

    i luv this song!!!!

  3. deedee2020ableApr 20, 2010

    reminds me of my crazy nights in hollywood…listenin’ & singin’ as I headed into the city…

  4. austin907snyderApr 20, 2010

    @4twentyfreak 1998

  5. austin907snyderApr 20, 2010

    damn chris robinson has style and talent, plus he got kate hudson so thats awesome too

  6. bigkahuna1001Apr 20, 2010

    drums sound like shit in this video.

  7. BoganPrideBabyApr 20, 2010

    she never mentions the word addiction..

  8. kbaugherfulApr 20, 2010

    @MsMetalMom , me too, it never goes away…it’s like your leg was amputated…u just learn to adapt somehow….i believe our girls are in heaven together having a blast…I have to…its what keeps me going. maybe u can believe that too…it’ll help..i promise

  9. Dehbo420Apr 20, 2010

    pain gonna make eveything all right…

  10. stairwaytoheaven22Apr 20, 2010

    @MrFunkywun Sounds like my story too. I lost a boyfriend in a accident back in 94′. This song reminded me of that time. Because I knew God was with me the entire time, but I didn’t let him in. Now I do, and I have peace. You are right, Love conquers everything. =)

  11. stairwaytoheaven22Apr 20, 2010

    @artbadassgonzales ~I’m sorry to hear about your loss. =( May God be your strength. You will see you son again!

  12. 4twentyfreakApr 20, 2010

    what year did this song come out originally?

  13. lexinasticsApr 20, 2010

    you promised me we would keep passing open windows…

  14. craighunter73Apr 20, 2010

    So sorry to hear all the sad stories, however, on a purely just a musical level….. WHAT A SONG!!!!!!

  15. 4everfancyfaceApr 20, 2010

    this is the 1st time I’ve ever seen the video, I had the tape & lost it the night I found out my ex boy friend got killed, this song brings back so many memories for me.

  16. MrFunkywunApr 20, 2010

    Song really reminds me of where I once was. Don’t ever want to go back. Bless u and eveyone u love. Love conquers evrything in life. Love is more powerful than any substance. It’s now my favorite drug, but once wasn’t.

  17. themarycityApr 20, 2010

    This song scares me in a good way. So does this video.

  18. daughterearth33Apr 21, 2010

    What can I say? You had to be there to get it… I was there and made it back….Remembering those years…

  19. plaugher07Apr 21, 2010

    this is such a great song, but man sometimes it really makes me wanna fight someone. idk its kinda f***ed up.

  20. artbadassgonzalesApr 21, 2010

    this song is for my son taken to early at 15 years old

  21. SourceEngineFTWApr 21, 2010

    @MsMetalMom It’s so great how music touches us. I love this song so much, and I have to say it brings memories. Ever heard the song “High And Dry” by Radiohead? Well it cam out in the 90’s and at the time I was a kid. Two years before the song came out, my best friend in my neighborhood died. Previous to his death we had an argument and the last thing I said to him wasn’t nice. The lyrics really embrace me.

  22. FrostNoVa2000Apr 21, 2010

    holy crap.. i dint know such an awesome song existed ….

  23. Ninety9SoulzApr 21, 2010

    @hounddoggie1055able Oh man, I know I’m anonymous to you but I am sorry. We all go man, the important thing is that we have good memories. Memories last forever

  24. crobichaux3Apr 21, 2010

    jazz fest 2010 hell yeah

  25. krzyirish329Apr 21, 2010

    @hounddoggie1055able congrats on being sober.. I just reached 3 yrs last week… and no one chooses to be a junkie or alcoholic.. believe that .. (referring to comments I had read) there is usually some deep pain that sends them there… and some people just have the gene that addiction takes over.. be it drugs alcohol food sex…. keep it up!

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