Watch the entire “The Buddha” online until April 22, 2010 at Two and a half millennia ago, a new religion was born, generated from the ideas of a single man. Buddha never claimed to be God or his emissary on earth. He said only that he was a human who had found a kind of serenity that others could find too. His life, His journey, His Awakening. For more go to: ‘The Buddha’ a film by David Grubin, premieres on PBS Wednesday, April 7th, 2010 at 8pm (check local listings). Major funding provided by The National Endowment for the Humanities, The Corporation for Public Broadcasting, PBS, and the Robert HN Ho Family Foundation. A David Grubin Production.

  1. yinspirationartApr 20, 2010

    @stubaru i accidentally hit the down thumb but i meant to hit the up thumb sorry!

  2. jellywaxfoundApr 20, 2010

    @MrRajachyut: When prince siddhartha was born, Nepal was a part of India my dear friend. The partition happened recently and it is sad to hear that it hurts Nepali people to remember the fact that they were a part of India before.

  3. MrRajachyutApr 20, 2010

    Please take in consideration that prince siddhartha was born in Nepal and he is not from India. It hurt the emotion of all Nepali people and hope the documentary team will timely apologize and correct that version. Thank you.

  4. MeditateandDestroyApr 20, 2010

    Wonderful video, I can’t wait for the premiere!

  5. MengoMangoApr 20, 2010

    @JixMa Well what are we doing otherwise? The rest of us are just playing this endless game of trying to achieve a higher societal status with the end goal of gaining power, building egos, and having more material goods. All of which sprouts from directly from greed and envy.

    Instead of going through the futility of trying to sate our greed and envy, it would be much simpler and more effective to deal with them directly through logic and meditation. We don’t need to be monks to do that.

  6. stubaruApr 20, 2010

    @JixMa You seriously think that nothing would ever be built?
    Just because they meditate doesn’t mean they can’t build a house. Just because they meditate doesn’t mean they do it 24/7. Man you’re dense.
    If the whole world were Buddhists, I can tell you life would be much simpler, but there wouldn’t be as much killings. Buddhism is one religion that doesn’t hate on other religions. Look at almost any other religion and all you see is a history of bloodshed.
    You need to get out more.

  7. stubaruApr 20, 2010

    Christianity isn’t the only religion in this world, don’t forget that.

  8. MrWeltschmerzApr 20, 2010

    My experience with buddhist monks in a monastery was that they were just as screwed up (in some cases more) than everyone else. I have heard the same thing from trappists who were monks: the monastery is not an escape from the world unfortunately – although it is quieter there.

  9. jarden69Apr 20, 2010

    I think the ONLY way to true happiness and utter bliss is to completely renounce our Western way of life and live like these monks away from all the maddness of people and society. Otherwise, happiness and bliss are almost impossible to attain at a signifcant and constant level. Unfortunately, none of us are willing to completely change and renounce our way of life (We are scared?), and therefore we are destined to continue being filled with grief, stress, anger, etc.

  10. logan666ffffffffffffApr 20, 2010

    very good video,meditation,nice,thinking way,nice voice,rinchen

  11. oeufgwoieuApr 20, 2010

    marijuana is also medicine 4 the mind

  12. NDiesel31Apr 20, 2010

    Your interpretation of what it means to live and be living is completely different than what someone else might think. Let Buddhists live their lives as they see fit and mind your own business. Many “christians” sit on their asses all day getting fat and collecting welfare. Which is worse?

  13. roidrage11Apr 20, 2010

    they grow their own food, and i would wager that they make their own clothes. they achieve happiness, that is their accomplishment. they do not waste their lives struggling for unattainable goals such as americans do. they are content with what they have and work for what they need, these are model human beings.

  14. dl432112311Apr 20, 2010


  15. cvjucla3Apr 20, 2010

    @atltom58 I am, too. Meditation is awesome. And I like hearing and learning how other meditators describe their experience in meditation and how they meditate. I already learned a lot by watching this vid.

  16. cronikproductionsApr 20, 2010

    thought these people were guys

  17. atltom58Apr 20, 2010

    Im looking forward to this show……………

  18. vanfaroweApr 20, 2010

    just in time for easter.

  19. JixMaApr 20, 2010

    When U look at these people, just meditating their life away, one really wonders what they really get out of living in the first place. What do these people actually accomplish in life? They’re just vegetables sitting there like potted plants. If all Society was like Buddhists, nothing would ever be built, no one would grow the food, they’d starve to death there on a dirt floor, naked, since no one would have built the house or make the clothing. Buddhists are truly cop-outs of Life & of living.

  20. allah12311Apr 20, 2010

    is this how tiger woods meditate

  21. temporaldisplacementApr 20, 2010

    Thank you for this upload. =)

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