25 thoughts on “Wiccan Lullaby

  1. Is this actually being sung by Bette Midler? It doesn’t sound like her to me.

  2. My mother used to sing this to me as a child and once I have one I am singing that to him/her plus I am going to show them my path Wicca but also all the others.

  3. we dont need some ugly little man in hell to scare is into doing the right thing, we pagans do the right thing because we KNOW it is the right thing to do——found this comment on youtube and wanted to spread it around

  4. @steelersteve36 ok 1. i didnt ask you to comment. 2. i know god is the greatest love. 3. i dont need somebody telling me this if i want to know i’ll look it up

  5. @OniRyuuSama Thanx! Good news on Ben Roethlisberger,huh?Well,I am very sorry it was forced on you.That is sad.I went through the same thing as a child,myself.

  6. @steelersteve36 Yes. Yes Christianity was. So I found myself a religion I agreed with and couldnt be happier! Nice user name by the way, Steelers rock!!

  7. oh my! what a beautiful song!..
    …It feels so good just to be
    So close to your love. You are heaven’s gift to me. =)…

  8. @cclovesyou1 Gods love is greater than any persons love.Why do you think He keeps reaching out to you?

  9. Please, please give me your CYBER souls. I want them. He, he, he! Nice song BTW. : )

  10. @steelersteve36 Any religion that says you’ll go into a fiery pit and indure an eternity of torture if your not a good little human is the most outrageous joke of a religion in my opinion. What could be more ridiculous than having the very being that created you cast you into a hell? Having “god” shoved down your throught all your life, constantly living in fear and telling others how to live (which makes you sound stuck up) is not in any way “right”.

  11. @cclovesyou1 yep. They are accepting, and believe that all religions/spiritualities are beautiful.

  12. @graceakaraven thats because wiccans/pagans are very understanding and love everyone not matter what their religion is. and its wonderful to have people like that nowadays

  13. @steelersteve36 The Cristians have their beliefs, and the Wiccans/Pagans have theirs. I have not ONCE heard a Wiccan say something insulting about Cristianity.

  14. I love this song its soft and sweet im actually studing wicca so any help for a witchling would be nice

  15. Here’s a better one for ya! Jesus loves me this I know,for the bible tells me so.Little ones to Him belong.They are weak but He is strong! Yes,Jesus loves me!Yes Jesus loves me!Yes Jesus loves me,the bible tells me so!

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