a query regarding the healing stones?

hi. i recently purchased a rose quartz and an amethyst pyramid (really small ones). what i wanted to know is how do i energize them?? i know what each stone mean and that is why i purchased them. when i picked these particular ones i felt good so i bought them. also is it necessary to be in constant contact of the stone to make it work as in will it be better if i wear a bracelet of these stones instead?? thankyou.

2 thoughts on “a query regarding the healing stones?

  1. Stones are just stones. They are formed by very well understood geologic processes. They have no intrinsic “energy” nor can “energy” be infused into them by any magical process. They have no effect on the body at all, unless you count somebody throwing them at you.

    The term “energy” is not used by Alties in the same way it is by scientists and physicists. Science has very specific definitions, such as the ‘measurable ability to do work’
    Learn about actual energy here:
    Alties seem to mean some sort of amorphous glob of a substance that one can dip into, like in some of those old Star Trek episodes with aliens made of “energy”

  2. The stones themselves already have their own healing properties and energy. No need to do anything special to them. If you can’t carry them in your pocket, try sleeping with them under your pillow or just holding them for awhile when you think of it.

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