Someone once told me that from the moment they saw me, they could see that i have a really good and kind ‘aura’ ? what does this mean?
Thanks in advance =]

3 thoughts on “Aura……?

  1. An aura is a feeling that people sense when they come near you. Maybe you are a confident person or something. It could be what kind of a first impression you give to them.

  2. Your aura is a field of electromagnetic energy your body generates, and some people train to be able to see that energy. It appears typically as layers of light surrounding a person, the full spectrum of the rainbow.

    Having a kind aura means she saw colors in your aura that she believed meant you practice a kind way of life. If you feel you are being kind, your body sends off a certain frequency, and your aura reflects that. That is your aura. If you are kind often, your aura will begin to always reflect a kind person.

    It’s a compliment to be told you have a kind aura. It means you don’t just act nice to others, you actually are kind and nice.

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