bach flower remedies for cat?

I want my cat to be a little more friendly towards the rest of my family and my friends.. she’s fine with me but with the rest of my family she hates them petting her or picking her up so i was thinkin bout giving her the water voilet bach flower remedy but i wanted to know if anyone knows anything about those and if they are safe to use etc.

2 thoughts on “bach flower remedies for cat?

  1. give your cat a chance to get used to your family get your family to play with her more often

  2. They are definitely safe to use, either internally or externally.

    The advice I’ve received is to put a few drops on the cat’s head between its ears, rather than following whatever instructions might be suggested. This was suggested to me by someone who uses them very often.

    You would do this several times a day initially, and gradually taper off as the behavior changes.

    I have personally used Scaredy Cat, and I also have Rescue Remedy and Larch.

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