Cat home remedies are effective and inexpensive to use. Cat home remedies can come in a couple of forms. The first are herbal remedies and the second are home remedies. I really think of them as one but I will discuss them separately. If you know your cat like I know mine then you know they would rather be treated at home and in this current economy saving a little money can be a big help also.


Aloe – Used to treat minor burns and skin irritations Bach Flower Essences – Used to treat stress Burdock – Improves immunity, lowers blood sugar, and detoxifies Calendula – Used to treat sores and burns and as a disinfectant for skin wounds Caraway – Increases appetite and helps with stomach issues including diarrhea Catnip – Used to stimulate activity Dill – Used to treat nausea, gas, and stomach issues such as upset stomach Echinacea – Used to kill bacteria and viruses Eyebright – Used as an eye wash Fennel – Used to treat a variety of stomach issues including indigestion Parsley – Used as a laxative and diuretic Rosemary – Good for itchy and dry skin Valerian –  Used as sleep aid and to calm and relax cats

Herbal remedies for cats are just a part of overall cat home remedies.  The neat thing about herbal remedies is that we will already have many of these in our homes or better yet they are growing in our gardens. Additionally many of these can be grown in our homes. Aloe makes an attractive plant in our homes. For you to know that your cat will use herbal remedies just watch them as they are outside and eat grass. They do this to aid in their digestion which sometimes involves barfing in order to get some toxin out of their bodies.


Natural home remedies have some great benefits.  Additionally, the use of natural home remedies has become more popular due to the cost and hassle of conventional medicines in addition to potential harmful side effects.

Saves money on vet bills Reduces the chance of harmful side effects Most are readily available in your home already Well tolerated by our four legged friends Can also be used in conjunction with other forms of treatment Are especially useful in mild cases of illnesses and ailments Homemade remedies are generally harmless and rarely cause side effects Garlic, vitamin E, baking soda, turmeric, and some fruit juices are all being used in various ways to treat our cats at home.

Many current medications produce harmful side effects in our pets. That is why a growing number of concerned pet owners have decided to use natural remedies. Many natural remedies work quite well and save you a bunch of money in the process. Read on through the last paragraph and find out home remedies secrets that are safe and effective.

Are you making any of the classic pet treatment mistakes which will cause you to improperly use cat home remedies? I hate to admit it but I have made most if not all of them myself. Find out what they are and how to avoid them by visiting right now before you do any serious harm to your pet. They are a member of the family also.

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