Okay, yesterday I went to a library and I was looking in a section which was.. weird… it had wiccan (witchcraft books) spell books, tarot card books, and next to the wiccan was called “Goddess.” I know what wiccan means… but what is… Goddess? Is it like the goddess anyone would think about? A beautiful girl that is celesial what is a goddess?

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  1. It was probably a section on goddess based religions. Generally these refer to a mother-goddess figure, like Isis, Hecate, Gaia, Danu, etc. In Wicca, the Goddess has three aspects: Maiden, Mother and Crone. And they are very down-to-earth, as these are the three stages all women go through.

  2. Friend,

    You asked about goddess.

    I am a Hindu .In Sanatana Dharma, often called Hinduism, we have countless gods and goddesses but one GOD that is BRAHMAN.

    The ancient Rishis found or realises that our existence is at the mercy of Nature and if Nature turns ferocious in a matter of few hours all that we boasted will be lost.

    We require food and water to sustain, similarly air and sunlight, sleep , good health etc.We require the coperation of so many to live happily.Some body should sell milk, some one shouls sell groceries, some dress materials or clothes, the post man shall deliver the post regularly, the Electricity shall be there to enable so many things to work.Even if you have 100 ATM cards and Credit cards and a huge bank balance, if the Electricity fails in all the availables sourses, then you are sitting with your fingers crosses with out knowing what to do.
    Ig the water level of an Ocean raises and submerges the nearby lands , we are mere spectators .Similarly in Hurricanes or in continuous down pour of rain or Snow or scorching Sun.

    The Rishes thought that as our life depended on the five elements basically, Earth,Water,Fire,Air and Space or akaash, they called them gods and expressed gratitude.So there is Fire god, rain god, water god, Earth goddess (bhoodevi), Space god , hill god, all natura is manifestation of god and goddesses.It is the way one can express gratitude and we Hindus pray to them, respect them to be co -operative and bless us and not be furious on us.So these are gods and goddesses.

    Above all this there is only one GOD that is BRAHMAN .Everything , including nature and all these gods and goddesses and whatever there is in the Universe is HE only.

  3. A goddess is a feminine deity, just like a god is a masculine deity.

    Wicca worships two supreme deities, whom we may think of as the Soul and the Spirit of Nature: The Great Goddess and the Great Horned God. The Goddess is the Divine Feminine, the Soul of Nature; and She is associated with the Moon and stars. The Horned God is the Divine Masculine, the Spirit of Nature; and He is associated with the wild forests and the Shadowland beyond death. They are conceived as heterosexual divine lovers. In Wicca the cosmos is created by the Goddess, who gives birth to it. But She can only do that because She has been impregnated by the Horned God.

    So it’s a theology based on Sexual Polarity: the idea of Male and Female as sacred and complementary opposites, opposites that are eternally attracted to each other. He contains all the male qualities: hot, fiery, active, forceful, penetrating, etc. While She contains all the female qualities: cool, watery, passive, subtle, receptive, etc. Those are ancient magical and alchemical associations with the two opposite sexes.

    We don’t think of our Gods as big people up in the sky, no.

    They can take any and all forms, since both our Goddess and our God pervade all of the universe. But the Goddess expresses the yin or feminine aspects of Nature, while the Horned God expresses the yang or masculine aspects of Nature. So his symbol is the Sun, her symbol is the Moon, and so on. You can think of these images or associations as metaphor or poetry or whatever. They are not to be taken literally.

    Literally, the Moon is a large round rock in the sky. But that is only its physical aspect, and that is like saying a human is an elongated chunk of meat and bones. What matters is that we have a spiritual aspect to us, and so does the Moon and the Sun; and all of Nature for that matter. And the spiritual aspect of the Moon is feminine, while that of the Sun is masculine.

    These are ancient magical associations with GENDER: masculinity and femininity. As such they transcend mere sex, if we think of sex as being only anatomical. Or, we could say that sex is a spiritual thing, too. In either case its important to realize that gender is a natural qualitythat transcends mer sex. Here are some of the old alchemical and magical associations with male and female:

    hot, hard, fiery, penetrating, active, convex, solar.

    cool, soft, wet, receptive, passive, concave, lunar.

    When we think of images that help us to connect to the Gods, it can be something natural or abstract, such as a flower, or the Moon, or a crystal, or a seashell, or a willow tree, for the Goddess. Or an acorn, or the Sun, or an obelisk, or a mighty oak tree, or a pair of antlers, for the Horned God. The Sea is a good Goddess image, too; or maybe a fiery volcano as an image of the Horned God. But as pagans, Wiccans also can and do use some anthropomorphic divine images: that is, statues of the God and Goddess in human form.

    Again, each of our two supreme deities has many aspects; so one might use a statue of Pan or Herne or Dionysos or Osiris, etc. for the Horned God; and a statue of Diana or Cerridwen or Isis or Hecate for the Goddess. But we realize that the Gods are not bound to those particular forms, those forms are just something to help us to connect with the Gods emotionally, and relate to them more intimately.

    You could compare this use of imagery with a telephone — it’s a way to connect with a being that you otherwise might have a hard time communicating with, due to the distance involved. Someone who did not understand how a telephone works might get a mistaken idea from watching you talk into a telephone; they might think that you believe that piece of plastic is a human being you can converse with. But no, it’s only a channel for communicating with a human being who is off in the distance and unseen.

    Anyway, Wicca is not the only pagan religion that honors a Goddess, obviously. Pagan religions are polytheistic, so pagans usually worship a number of different Gods and Goddesses. Wicca is duotheistic in that we worship one main Goddess and one main Horned God, as our two supreme deities. But we may also honor other deities in addition to those two.

    Pagan religions are undergoing a big rebirth right now, and part of that is the rediscovery of the Goddess. So one can find an increase in Goddess imagery in many different contexts.If you’re curious about the Goddess, or the various goddesses who are aspects of the Goddess, then you can easily find information via google search: just type in “goddess” and “religion” and see what comes up.

    There is also a lot of Goddess art out there in cyberspace, here is just one example: The Goddess Art of Pamela Matthews.


  4. and i am a ‘goddess of charm’..

    A goddess is a female of great beauty or grace, being believed to be the source of life and being and worshiped as the principal deity in various religions.

    Just like astrology, goddess energy defines who we are and what our life purpose may be. The alignment of stars and planets influence our personalities, values and choices. Every action, thought, projection of self, and treatment of others is a reflection of your goddess sign.

    If you react to a boyfriend’s indiscretions by punishing the other woman, for example, you are displaying Juno energies – she went to extraordinary lengths to avenge her husband’s concubines. Or if you like to lay low and stay out of trouble, your ruling goddess is probably Hestia – she only wants an uncomplicated, enriching and contented life. Or, if you’re a natural lover, there’s every chance you’ve been born under the influence of Venus – Venus-inspired women can’t help swing those hips or flutter those eyelashes, their energy is impossible to resist.

    Of course, we are affected by different goddess energies at different times of the day, year, and even moon cycle. But at our core, our goddess sign defines how we manage our choices and destinies. No matter what the situation, understanding your goddess sign is one way to ensure you get through each day smiling.

    Mar 21 – Apr 20 … ATHENA… Powerful and zesty Athena is the beautiful warrior queen who stood guard over the ancient city of Athens. Born leaders, Athena-inspired women know no fear, or that’s the face they present to the world at least. They experience trouble with self-expression, resorting to politics and force to coerce a project off the ground. They can be tough, independent, clever and resourceful women, but they should not be afraid to ask for help if they need it, and more importantly, allow people to help them.

    Do this: Wear a light blue stone such as Lapis Lazuli around your neck to help you find your voice.

    Apr 21 – May 21 …JUNO… Comfort, warmth and material security are the things that keep devoted wife Juno happy. Prepared to go to any lengths to protect their relationships, Juno-inspired women fight for the elements they want and deserve in order to preserve and enrich the home environment. They sometimes show an inclination for revenge on anyone who threatens the stable union or home life. Instead of feeling threatened by outside influences, Juno-women should instead strengthen the relationship from within themselves, focussing on loyalty, fidelity, intimacy, inter-dependence and mutual respect.

    Do this: Repeat this affirmation: I am secure, safe, and open to love.

    May 22 – Jun 21 …PERSEPHONE…Vital and intelligent Persephone, erstwhile professional victim, was the innocent girl that was kidnapped to the underworld by Hades (yes, but was it really kidnap? Well, maybe, at first). Persephone-girls tend to be fickle, meaning “yes” when they say “no”. They secretly enjoy being the scapegoat and having their life in a shambles, and won’t do anything about it while they are really waiting for a rescuer to swoop in and save them. Persephone-girls should stop playing the drama queen and come up from the underworld – it is time to stop luxuriating in guilt and try honesty on for size.

    Do this: Practise saying “yes”, and meaning it.

    Jun 22 – Jul 23 …DIANA… Powerful and protective, Diana is the Roman goddess of nature, fertility, children, providence and harvest. Finely tuned to their environment and the feelings of others, Diana-inspired women are hunted for their natural empathy and sensitivity. Deep down though, they want escape. They hunger for more than their daily routine, but can’t see their way past their busy lifestyle. Commitments and responsibilities make an escape (and “time out”) seem like an impossible dream. Diana-women should take time to look after their own need for love instead of always giving it away to others.

    Do this: Take a stroll in a place with nature and pick up anything that catches your eye. Whether it’s a stone or a feather, keep it with you to keep you grounded.

    Jul 24 – Aug 23 …PELE… The bright and fiery Pele is the Hawaiian goddess whose spirit dwells inside the largest active volcano in Hawaii. Full of passionate energy, Pele gals love being the centre of attention and the life of the party. Their well developed ego is a mask, however, for the nagging feeling that their energy is being misdirected. They work so hard for the attention and admiration from other people, they allow flattery to interfere with their otherwise balanced judgement. Pele-inspired women should cut their losses and work to channel their energy in a more rewarding way.

    Do this: Stare at a yellow stone and visualise what you really want to happen. Repeat this until it becomes habit, and habit becomes manifested reality.

    Aug 24 – Sep 23 …HESTIA…Goddess of household abundance and well-being, Hestia energises the home with a welcoming energy, healthy food and comfort. As such, she is a creature of habit and organisation, purity, sincerity, sanctity and safety. But just as the ancient goddess Hestia is depicted in a pose of immobility, so too are her women immobilised by their own habits and need for organisation – simply, they may feel like they are “stuck in a rut.” Their convictions keep them so absorbed in their work, they can’t imagine living any other way. They need to ask themselves, “What’s the self-sacrifice for?” and break from their obsessive patterns.

    Do this: Think of something spontaneous and daring. Take that leap of faith, and just do it.

    Sep 24 – Oct 23 …VENUS… The perfect lover, Venus is the Roman goddess of love and beauty. She rules over a woman’s sense of style and her appreciation for acts of love, pleasure and romance. Venus-born women find it difficult not to walk with a sassy step as they search for heady relationships, friendships and social acceptance. In their quest for perfection they are prone to self-criticism, forgetting the aura they exude is the aura they attract. And though they are insightful leaders, they can blur the line between business and pleasure, which can result in diminished professional success. Venus women should revel in their playful character and strong personality, but keep it appropriate to each situation.

    Do this: Be a magnet for positive energy and smile at everyone today.

    Oct 24 – Nov 22 …BAST… Archetypal goddess of protection, Bast (also known as Bastet or Basthet) is the Egyptian cat-headed goddess. It is no surprise therefore that she bestows qualities of playfulness, poise and feline sensuality. Bast-inspired gals are creative, inquisitive and have a fine sense of where their boundaries lie. The downside, however, is that they are quick to bare their claws against a perceived threat or injustice.

    Do this: Tell others what you really think, but with words that heal rather than bite.

    Nov 23 – Dec 21 …RHIANNON… A maiden of ethereal beauty, Rhiannon was the Welsh goddess of fertility and rebirth, transformation, wisdom, and magic. She was born with the first moonrise, embedding her with an inner urge for adventure and travel. As such, she rode her unearthly white mare between this world and the Underworld to satisfy her thirst for discovery. Rhiannon-inspired women can be so focussed on the horizon, they forget about being sensitive to those around them. They could learn a little tact occasionally, and anticipate others’ needs rather than waiting for them to ask.

    Do this: Identify someone who needs your help, and assist them without thought of payment or thanks.

    Dec 22 – Jan 20 …DEMETER …In Greek mythology, Demeter is the goddess of the harvest. When her daughter Persephone was abducted by Hades, Demeter’s search took her on the path of poverty, abuse and eventually madness. It is typical of Demeter-inspired women to put the perceived needs of others first, at the expense of their own well being. They aspire to champion a cause in spectacular style, but tend to “smother” (as opposed to “mother”) the project they feel responsible for. They are better off ignoring their ingrained sense of frugality and self sacrifice and concentrate instead on cultivating things that make them happiest – children, herbs, or a comfortable home, for example.

    Do this: Burnout is not your goal. Carry rose quartz to give some love back to yourself.

    Jan 21 – Feb 19 …HATHOR… Patron of dancers, mother of the gypsies, Hathor is the ancient Queen of Heaven. Hathor-inspired women have the gift of shape-shifting – the ability to transform themselves from a woman crippled with anxiety to a creature shining with light and radiance. In fact, it is a gift they use often in their quest for reinvention. They are constantly seeking new and fresh inspiration, which does not always sit well with more grounded people. With each new manifestation, they need to spare a thought for those they leave behind – not everyone is flexible with changing natures.

    Do this: List five personality traits that you want to be remembered for when you die. Then live them, every day.

    Feb 20 – Mar 20 … OSHUN… Mother of rivers and the bloodstream, Oshun is the Nigerian goddess of universal love and sensuality. Oshun women are as flexible and predictable as the tides, being generous with their time for themselves during an “ebb”, and for others during a “flow”. They “go with the flow” of their instincts in order to find inner tranquility, but can lose sight of the real world in doing so. Sometimes it would be healthy for them stop drifting along without direction or intent, and instead to find a place where they can simply be.

    Do this: Float on a still lake or pool but keep one foot anchored o

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