Meditation- a Way to Contemplation

Meditation an ancient practice is rooted in Vedic Hinduism. It is a state in which the mind dissolves and is free of thoughts.


Full fledged in Western culture, meditation is a common practice known to everyone. It includes a wide variety of spiritual practices that masters on the mental activity of a person. Most of them approach Meditation for achieving peace of mind.


Types of Meditation: is on the basis of different religions-

• Bahai faith

• Buddhism

• Christianity

• Gnostic

• Jainism

• Hinduism

• Islam

• Judaism

• Sikhism

• Taoism

• New Age

Just thinking on one topic is Christian type of meditation. In this, mystics reach a state of achieving complete silence of mind known as contemplation. In Hinduism, meditation by the repetition of mantras is introduced that induces a positive energy. In Buddhism, meditation masters on breathing.


Repetition of Mantras help one to be free from thoughts and helps to reach a sound feeling peacefulness on mind. Different postures are followed for meditation. A comfortable position should be attained before practicing meditation that helps to relax oneself from the meddling matters of the daily life.

Meditation helps one to find a positive attitude towards mind and enriches personal growth.

Prayers: meditational prayers are related to one religious background. It is one of the contemplative prayers that connects one to the cosmic powers.


Declaration and visualization: makes one to deepen the relationship with the devotional powers. The positive visualization that one wishes to reach should be done along with the meditative prayers should be done.


Transformation through meditation: positive will of the person together with the meditation makes one to achieve developmental transformation in oneself.


Different techniques:


Many simple techniques are there that can be practiced. A place with little distraction preferably a prayer room with icons, incense or something is the finest place for meditation.

• Hearing the silence- with less distraction.

• A comfortable posture should be attained for better meditation.

• It is advised to meditate twice a day for better results.

Common postures:

1. Cross legged posture

2. Seated posture

3. Kneeling posture

4. Lying down posture


The three stages of meditations:

1. Dharana- complete concentration of mind

2. Dhyana- contemplation or worship

3. Samadhi- complete merging into a spiritual freedom


Benefits of Meditation:

• Controls stress- the person finds to manage the root causes of the stress in his life.

• Pain Management- the proper practice of meditation helps one to manage chronic pain that persists on and other psychic disorders connected to it.

• Physical healing- heals cancer, high blood pressure, infertility, respiratory problems, premenstrual Syndrome etc

• Gain repressed memories

• Handle pain attacks

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