25 thoughts on “Numerology Card Trick Revealed

  1. i tried it. but my deck of cards came out “19” i added it and ended up 10 ryt? then the thing is i didnt find any ten. i was thinking, if the ten will be also executed like “1+0= 1” ??

  2. @psycheer330 yeah you have a point what if the particular card is not in the 3rd hand.. what will happen?

  3. if u have 24 cards, thats 2+4 = 6.
    6 can be substracted from 7.
    7-6 = 1 (so ure prediction is an ace)
    Atleast thats how i think it works. But im unsure of what happends in that scenario if u dont have an ace in ure part of the deck.

  4. Abither one if you have the card:
    The prediction is 3, but you haven’t, so put 2 cards: 7 and 5, and then say: “7 + 5 = 12, so 1+2 = 3” xDDDD

  5. omfg i did this while i was watching him and i had 18 cards left omfg omfg omfg

  6. What happen’ if i have 24 cards, that’s a 6… How I will do the trick?

  7. Do the 3 card cuts have to be about equal (~17 cards each) or can spectators take only 1, or only 2 etc.
    Ask banananana guy… or I could do it <,<

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