25 thoughts on “ode to a haggis-robert burns for traditional burns supper by lionel mccelland

  1. I could swear after he cut into it he was salivating a bit….not that I blame him though! excelent work

  2. yeah, its a little more complicated that being a warm body to hold the camera. why dont you shoot a video this good and let me know how it goes?

  3. Hi
    Sorry if it sounded as if I missed you out – of course the star needed someone to hold the camera !

  4. hey atholldein,
    im glad you liked the video, but felt compelled to note that i am the director and editor.. lionel did give an awesome performance, but there WAS another team member here.

  5. Hi Lionel,
    Thanks for posting this video its great to see that someone can still recite this fantastic poem the way its ment to be done. It has taken me about three days to trail through the other cringing, bad translation and other foreign crap listed on this medium.
    The subtitles & your presentation helped our kids understand the poem so you have made new fans here. I bet even Rabbie himself would be pleased.
    All the very best and well done.
    Wha’s like us – obviously no many !!

  6. One of the very best “address to the Haggis” I have seen.. thanks for putting it out there and making our Burns night fantastic and helping us show reverence to Robbie!

  7. I attended a burns night last night,
    No one knows how to enjoy themselves like the Scotts.

  8. Another good’un Lionel! There’s been a few comments on yir skullery there, I agree it’s nice… not so sure about that curtain tho… 😉

  9. happy burns day everyone. I have actually never had the pleasure of attending a burns night, so id be happy to see your response videos of the events you went to.

  10. Lionel, as we would say here in Maine, “Finest Kind!”

    We hope to come across this year, “Sang” or no.

    Fred & Julia

  11. This is the best version I have found on You Tube! A good performance with correct pronunciation, and useful subtitles giving an English translation.

  12. you are welcome.. i am sorry to miss the fun in scotland this year. i hope everyone will send me their own video as a response so i can feel part of the action.

  13. As an auld timer, I thought this rendition worthy of congratulations – very well done pal…….

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