Soul Mates and Twin Flames

Soul Mates and Twin Flames

This video was made at a subscriber’s request. The collective speak of the Soul Mate and the Twin Flame relationships and the differences/similarities between them and the life’s lessons, challenges and joys these types of relationships bring. Edited by Catzmagick Productions Music by Kevin Macleod

  1. R1o05Apr 21, 2010


  2. greenalphabetApr 21, 2010

    Most people who channel channel other beings experiences not their own. Karma of a channeler becomes part of the message and people almost always do not know this when they watch and–share the same karma/potential with the channeler. Much is accurate for time-space description, other times the channeler confabulates because they have not learned something about who they are yet. Religion did this. Awareness of this as listener and as channeler allows for a feeling that did not exist before

  3. MyrtoMartini25Apr 21, 2010

    WE will meet again each other : ) TO SUMPAN EINAI MAZI MAS KAI EMEIS MAZI.

  4. SmileificationApr 21, 2010

    I’m not sure if I’ve met my twin flame/soul mate, or if it’s just chemistry? I’ve known this guy for 5 years and although we hangout in different groups and never ever talk..we both admit to having this history. He’s everything i’m not and eye contact is unbearable,it’s like i’m looking at my eyes in a mirror. Before this semester started, weve been to the same school for 5 years,never have in the same class. so i used all my faith and asked for him to somehow be in my class and then he just was

  5. dramatica2006Apr 21, 2010

    How beautiful

  6. VIP7ANGELApr 21, 2010

    Nice 8)

    Hope I meet my soul mate soon 8)

  7. gkossatzgmxdeApr 21, 2010

    @DavidRayner1947 and while you are at it, dont ever leave your bunker, there’s danger out there !!!

  8. YouKnowMeImJoshApr 21, 2010

    Super-wrong interpretation of the soulmate and twin flame phenomena.

  9. Selsiuss2Apr 21, 2010

    So MagentaPixie, are you saying that incest is common in the spiritual sense? Isn’t incest bad?

  10. petrofahedApr 21, 2010

    very good vid !

  11. moneygobApr 21, 2010

    Not quite right. The anti matter part is your other side of you ie if you are a man then this is your feminine side. Your soul mate can be down here somewhere.

  12. moneygobApr 21, 2010

    You know what you are talking about. Nice one!

  13. wenaolongApr 21, 2010

    Yes, the quantum field explanation is 101% spot on!!! Good job, NINE!!! hehe.

  14. wenaolongApr 21, 2010

    Bottom line to “metaquestioners” and “Yes, but” ers and “Uber doubters”: If you haven’t got it IN YOU to know what the truth is, then that is what explains why you look OUT TO OTHERS for it, and that explains why you can’t just take what is there for you that is true from others and ignore what doesn’t resonate with you. As Socrates and others have said for SO LONG to the thick domes on this planet, who have ignored us TO THIS DAY, apparently, THIS: KNOW THY SELF. Okay? Now is a good time..

  15. DavidRayner1947Apr 21, 2010

    Whether this Petra (Magenta Pixie) is genuine or not doesn’t matter. Whatever you do, find out the truth for yourself and on your journey through life, you must learn to out your faith in no one and to love no one and certainly to trust absolutely no one. If you love no one, then no one can hurt you with that love. If you trust no one, then no one can ever let you down or pretend to love you when they don’t and they can never betray you. You’ll have a lonely life, but one free of heartbreak.

  16. SlyHunnyApr 21, 2010

    makes alot of sense to me…. i dreamt that me and my hubby had past lives together…. but it was short, cuz either of where killed….. thats why me and my hubby doesn’t like to be apart….. we love each other and we have children.
    we had a rough start but we are getting better and we are both awake!!!! 🙂

  17. ShroctopusApr 21, 2010

    I know my girlfriend is either a soul-mate, or a twin flame… what’s the difference? I drew a picture when we met with 2 eyes and a sun and moon above each eye, along with a coil linking up with a lotus, and a cherry was in the middle. I saw this as our souls merging. I saw the eyes as symbolizing our eyes as the same. I saw the cherries linked together as our souls, and the coil, the same. The lotus of course symbolizes true love, and manifested destiny.

  18. SovereignBeingApr 22, 2010

    soul mate relationships can be really tough going ..
    karma can be extensive and difficult to repay if things got really messy in past that is likely to carry over to some extent!
    so dont expect it to be all easy going, but they will teach you the hardest and fastest lessons for soul growth.. 🙂

  19. M335Apr 22, 2010

    Could you please explain to me excatly how she means by that? Thanks

  20. megagnathosApr 22, 2010

    It’s an incredibly strong expierience, Magical hardly describes it…

  21. yupitiyupApr 22, 2010

    Dear MagentaPixie,

    I asked to my guides to show me the chakra where the love for this one person i know rises. During my dreamtime i could see it sprung from my 6th chakra. What does it mean? is it an intelectual love, is it only attraction?

    Thank you so so much.

  22. Sekhmet1310Apr 22, 2010

    Yes, I had this with my Twin Flame, whenever he would fall asleep and get out of his body, I would feel him rise through my arms, like tingling, electric nerves and when he would return in the morning, if I was awake before him, I would feel it too, or if he took a nap and I needed him I would ask him telepathically to come back to me, and instantly poof he would be back, tingling through me, sometimes passing right through my heart..

  23. Sekhmet1310Apr 22, 2010

    Oh, thank you for your answer, I do soooo very much hope you’re right.. And if you are; then HE is the one that made you pick my painting so that I would become aware of you and get this video from you as a respond to the painting in the first one.. wow.. what a roundabout way to slow awaikening.. Please, let it be so, I miss him still dearly, and would LOVE LOVE LOVE to meet him again.. sigh..
    Thank you Dear Pixie!!

  24. MagentaPixie2012Apr 22, 2010

    Hello there my dear friend. Yes of course this is the case when a Twin Flame passes away, in fact it is very often the original Twin will be the one to lead you to the new Twin in incarnation. I am so pleased you have found this video, much love to you 🙂

  25. Sekhmet1310Apr 22, 2010

    Hi Magenta Pixie, I am Aurora, the artist of the Twin Flame painting, remember me? Someone send me this video, and it is the best news I have had in 15 years!! Is this also true when The Twin Flame passes away? Could I meet another one of him, a duplicate, a new possibility, did I understand correctly? I can hardly believe it? This would be more than a dream come true..

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