25 thoughts on “Sylvia Plath Reads Lady Lazarus

  1. What a gift that these recordings are still around to enjoy, thanx so much for posting

  2. So I’m in the middle of a final and my book opens to this reading of this poem. I so love it!!!

  3. Critic Al Alvarez convinced Plath to remove the line, “I may be Japanese,” and later regretted it, thinking it a trivial change.

  4. Thank you Music. It hurts me to see people write mean things about her, especially after what a painful life she led.

  5. I have to say that I find it sad to see such comments on a video like this. Not only is it highly disrespectful, but it’s ignorant and I do not understand what some people are doing here.

    This is an art piece. Thank you for putting it up.

  6. @Schadenfreude24
    i’m not sexist, but the woman’s an idiot. what are the chances of her not being found under her own house?
    if she did want to successfully kill herself with no one finding her, she could’ve been a bit more creative is all i’m saying

  7. more than 50 years have past, and you scumbags can’t understand a genius. kill yourselves b******s.

    i should have lived to see you S.

  8. Sexist much tolington?

    The fact that she hid under a house indicates she -didn’t want to be found- Not that it’s great or even human that you’re trying to ridicule people who don’t live up to what you consider the most successful way to kill themselves.

    But really, I shouldn’t feed the troll.

  9. Sylvia Plath is my favorite poet. I bought her collected poems and made a project for her, including painting a Warhammer 40k miniature in her honor. I want to get the cassette Sylvia Plath reads as another addition to my tape collection, but it’s more expensive than I thought it would be.

  10. @TheShmexyProduction
    According to the Ronald Hayman and Anne Stevenson biographies, both of which are exhaustive and authoritative, her head WAS inside the oven.
    You madame, are an ignorant bitch……..

  11. Her head wasn’t IN the oven, look it up. She was laying on the open door of the oven- she gas here self in her kitchen you idiot.

  12. well when she died when she was 30, she put her head in an oven and died that way.

  13. Well tolington, if she was an attention seeking woman, wouldn’t she do it in a more public way? A gun shot to the head or something would certainly draw more attention.

    I think she’s a great poet. I have to do a poetry project and she’s my number one choice. Her poems are dark, but they’re amazing.


  14. typical attention seeking woman. if you’re gonna top yourself, do it properly, not by taking sleeping pills and chillin under a house

  15. I have never really been into poetry, but I had to do this for a school project. I have to say that she is an extremely great poet, with a horrible life, and a fantastic voice. I love this poem!

  16. You should read “The Bell Jar” – semi-autobiographical book – it may give you an insight to this poem.

  17. no dude you’re totally missing the point. Sylvia Plath tried to kill herself once. And it didn’t work. The next time it worked. This is not about medical miracles. it is about suicide.

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