The Mark Steel Lectures-Lord Byron 3/3

The Mark Steel Lectures are a series of radio and television programmes. Written and delivered by Mark Steel, each scripted lecture presents persuasive, yet witty, arguments for the importance of a historical figure.

22 thoughts on “The Mark Steel Lectures-Lord Byron 3/3

  1. 2:04 – “…a scribbling, self-sold, soul-hired, scorned, Iscariot?” That sound so damn good. Byron was a Genius.

  2. Never mind! Found it!

    Liparrini Ludovico
    The oath of Lord Byron

    Had to get it myself, Lot of good you lot are!

  3. WHAT IS THE PAINTING AT 5:23!?? PLEASE!? I think it’s in the the Historical and Ethnological Society of Greece Museum, but I cant find that exact painting listed online anywhere!

  4. So… Byron was part of The Clash?!?

    Or is it that all great British artists are Metal or Grunge or Punk musicians?


  5. There’s basically nothing wrong with people “who are shit” and they know they are…it’s just I don’t like it when they pass laws telling me what to……

  6. you f***ing idiot u think u are funny?this guys went in another country to fight.For Greece is a hero.u dare standing in front of greek warriors that gave their life for independence and say bullshit.

  7. Check out the play list on my channel that I made of Steel’s material that I found on the tube. I Think I have all of the lectures. It might be easier than doing a search for it. Love Steel’s work!

  8. I’ve enjoyed all of these, but this one is the best of the five I’ve seen so far!

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