The One True Twin- Flame

..lets take the case ones twinflame is not ready, the one with the similar frequency has it still possible to live the same Holy relationship with this partner…achieving what you felt you could only achieve with the twinflame ? Music “Dance of Love” and “New Lover” by Freeplay Music LCC Special thanks to Aurora for the use of her beautiful painting ( the first image in the video) Her work, all Twin Flame Art oil paintings – infused with Twin Flame energy that can be felt & seen by the sensitive ones, can be found at

25 thoughts on “The One True Twin- Flame

  1. This is very correct, your twin flame can come and be manifested to you and they are no where near ready for you OR your match. Another one can take their place. I am living proof of this one.

  2. SO BEAUTIFUL !!!! to hear confirms that !!

    everyone need to be patience and work with them selfs ,,,,,,


  4. love with every cell in my body, exclusion

    ta magenta,

    v powerful one love 🙂

  5. Why is it I imagine Bono the rockstar kissing kissing me and have had spiritual orgasms over him countlessly. Not do I want this silly crush on himbut as Im typing this away I havent even got to the end of the clip did I hear her mention the possibilty of dating a famous person.

  6. I am furious that Bono has a twin flame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But is she really on the same frequency? What if Im on the same frequency as he is then theres a problem heres a triple flame not a twin flame!

  7. Quote often my dreams are propthetic to boot as I am highly psychic. I suppose what got me was the whole thing about they can appear in dreams and you feel a tad guilty, a lot of my guilt is that I had to report my twin for professional misconduct. ( this hasn’t been the romatic imagery of the traditional twin flame) But I’ll listen to the show to get more. I’m following my visions, but, up to know unsure of whether it would be this life or next……I won’t be in a hurry to run any more 8)

  8. Not everyone feels pain & suffering at this reunion but you are correct, pain & suffering can be part of it. Great learning comes from this and when you realise how ‘real’ dreamtime is you can rejoice in that true love. My next video explains more on this topic ‘Dreamtime Warriors & Lovers’ which will be played live on Magenta Magik on blogtalkradio today 3pm EST 8pm GMT and uploaded here to youtube within the next couple of days – much peace to you 🙂

  9. i’ve definatley found my twin flame. Just wished someone would tell you of the pain and suffering you feel thinking that you’ll never see them again in the psychical. Constantly by each other’s side in the dream stakes. I see him as me as a bloke and that totally scared me for a start.
    I’m starting to get the wisdom of holding back when someone has a partner and you give them love. The realisation that you are with them forever more, Just wish we can cuddle forever

  10. I find it interesting that everyone seems to think they’ve “found” their twin flame.

  11. I met my twin flame. I have a gang of Soul Mates too but when I met my Twin, I totally got it. We share telepathy, spirituality, purpose and service to others. We have been separate but I believe that one day soon we will reconnect in God’s time and not my own. I try to keep my energy pure, honest and open so that when the time is right it all comes together the way it was intended to.

  12. My Twin Flame and I are blessed to have found eachother in this lifetime. To manifest your Twin Flame, you must let go of everything, and request and wait for it to manifest. Then, and only then, will it happen.
    I wish everyone to share what we share. It would be peace on earth. Believe it with all your heart and you will see it.

    Bless you

  13. Why do we need to teach others about twin flames? Aren’t we supposed to have equal love for everyone? It’s in our differences that we learn the most…if everything were as easy as a twinflame relationship, we’d have nothing to learn. And if a twinflame is like an energetic mirror of yourself, there would be no purpose to have a twinflame…you’d be so fulfilled and complete within yourself that you wouldn’t need a mirror of yourself…that would be redundant.

  14. Thankyou for this ,it gives me hope and patience , i believe i know my twin flame though ! i believe my twin flame isnt ready yet .. is that possible , ive seen progress in my dreams and visions ..

  15. i love this yet i am at a point were i feel as if i have 2 or 3 persons in my life that my be my twin. one in in my day to day reality and i have known him for almost my whole life, another is at a distance of many miles yet is an understanding figure, and i like his energy. still another … well the one that i have known for most of my life pushes me to be better and face things that i need to face, he is a comfort and i fee l safe and life his gravity pulls me to him no matter what.

  16. i have felt the same but i still have hope which is always the last thing we lose. 🙂

  17. my twin flame relona broke up because someone else with a lower form took her away, but we still are connected together supporting each other now i have a soul mate 2 years older than i

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