The Twin Flame Blessing

The Twin Flame Blessing

In the sky above us, Venus and Mars ride the night together. This is known to be a time for creating or opening paths for new relationships as well as strengthening existing ones. On 12:12, 2008, Venus and Mars will be in aspectation AND there will also be a Full Moon in Gemini, the sign of the Twins. This astral event is when the spiritual separation between Twin Flames is at its thinnest. In addition, the date 12:12 represents a gate of Ascension, through which we can journey to completeness. We can reach out through the Gate. Using both the Law of Intention and the Law of Attraction properly You can reach out across Time and Space And touch your Twin Calling on their Blessing To connect and integrate both halves of your Souls energy into your Life Remember until it is your time to rejoin, Your Twin Flame wants you to be happy On 12:12 2008, Humanity Healing is sponsoring a global meditation to receive the Twin Flame Blessing For more information, visit: © Humanity Healing 2008 Music: Daniel Kobialka, The Lass of Glenshee First Picture: Richard Becker, Soulmates Picture of linked rings: Ian V. Henderson www.twinflames-twinsouls.netFAIR USE NOTICE This video may contain copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available in our efforts to advance understanding of environmental, political, human rights

  1. Isbeludi11Apr 21, 2010

    I am a twin flame recipient, I activated the other one & now is one vessel for 2.Never felt more balance & more complete.I am in both planes there & here, is nirvana all the way.

  2. mrconradhoppeApr 21, 2010

    it comes like a yellow, orange line with a bubble in the middle, its kinda scary, theres music too. I think I’m gonna find her in this lifetime. I am Moses.

  3. RobMonty248Apr 21, 2010

    Attract the twin flame simply with and only with FAITH, as in, Please send me the perfect person to match my qualitites, who will understand and listen to me and most of all Truely love me as I am so that I not need pretend so that I can just be. Love will bring love to you, Hate will bring hate. You prolly always have your twin flame in a relation, but if you do not like it, its cause you do not like self, so you attract someone just like you. If your not pure love, neither will they be.

  4. apex9999999Apr 21, 2010

    excuse me..i might sound a bit stupid..but honestly i think i met my twin flame..but i met her online in yahoo…i saw her in cam and in picture..but sadly i havent heard from her anymore…its strange because i cant forget about her…and its been 2 years since i last saw her online…please let me know what you think of this…thanks in advance 🙂

  5. mrconradhoppeApr 21, 2010

    i dont believe that people have ever loved each other. I would think love conquers all. If you find true love your children would be love children and they would rule the world,with the power of love.Its not like that at all, people are all accidents

  6. nosuchnickyetApr 21, 2010

    i met my twin flame and we fell in love at first sight.. !! its a weird feeling.. but unfortunately we fell apart in the end.. but we still need each other in our lives in an unexplainable way.. we can feel each others’ stresses when we are apart.. its really awesome and weird at the same time….

  7. Safespot691Apr 21, 2010

    How do you know that? Who told you?

  8. Safespot691Apr 21, 2010

    I have met mine in this life. Seems to be an impossible situation….as she is just out of reach for me…

    Twin sights, twin lights.
    What one can see the other fights.
    But bonds of sharpest bloodless vein
    Doth make their mark by shared domain.
    And sense of one be other’s lore.
    May visions walk through open door.

  9. joannazg28Apr 21, 2010

    Well i didin met my twin flame, I am 30 years old,……….I am still waiting for him:))))

  10. ourjourney2007Apr 21, 2010

    Lucky you that you married yours. Me and my twin found eachother this past July but lately there’s been “trouble in paradise” I hope we’ll be able to connect physically as we live 760 miles apart, hopefully it’ll be this year 2010.

  11. utasha16Apr 21, 2010

    guys could you PLEASE tell me what music this is?!

  12. KAIZERCZARApr 21, 2010


  13. megagnathosApr 21, 2010



  14. DIMLOADERApr 21, 2010

    Twin Flame I call to thee,
    Make me no thing,
    Come to me.
    I have walked a billion paths,
    At last I need to hear your laugh.
    One soul cleaved by a subtle knifes
    I need you now
    You are my wife,

    You know who you are.
    Love Dimlo.

  15. FortunesfollyApr 21, 2010

    A twin flame is not a soulmate.

  16. tanyalouisemaryApr 21, 2010

    “Rarely incarnate at the same time or on the same plane”. what is the reasoning here? “at the end of their cycle of incarnations” as we have been in the past? “even though it is unlikely to meet their twin in this lifetime” some teachings are out of date, would this be a teaching for the few rather than for the many? I see this teaching outdated. beautiful teaching and blessings for the few and past human beings.

  17. akashafuhrApr 21, 2010

    We were not “Together” after that he went off and had his Time so Did I the moment was not right we both had thigns to leanr and Experience…. But always in contact… always Wishing each other well and Helping even if thousands of miles away… There is no “Worry” there is no “uncertainty” We belong.. And we have done nothing but better each other… *laughs*

  18. akashafuhrApr 21, 2010

    I have Married mine… How do I know? We met 12 years ago… I felt him enter the room… And turned around …. and our eyes locked… and it wasn’t something that I questioned even for a moment.. I turne dto mmy best friend and said “I am going to marry That man” and I pointed to Richard.. “No way you don’t even know his name” When she said that I laughed.. I didn’t need to! I Knew..

  19. polanker69Apr 21, 2010

    I have found mine as well. It is truly the most amazing and transformative experience possible in an interpersonal relationship. It is love from beyond.

  20. amandanicole1989Apr 21, 2010

    very interested in your story. i am a journalism major currently working on a story about this fascinating subject. would love to talk to you in regards to your experiences.

  21. 4staffy4Apr 21, 2010

    Me and my girlfriend have been feeling like this since the first time we met. We lked up on the internet about soulmates and found twin souls. We have talked so many times about how we feel we have met in another life, and we ALWAYS say the same things. The feelings between us are on another level, not just physical attraction or emotional comfort, but complete peace and love. We have also said we feel like we must be twins so many times. Twin Flames describ everything we have felt. Thankyou God

  22. Miriamne0808Apr 21, 2010

    pure truth in all its’ beauty…

  23. hisprincessbydayApr 21, 2010

    shell focus on unconditional love he is there honey keep saying yes to love when you doubt or get discouraged tell yoursel yes i love you, im here…everything you do and say to you you are doing to him dont ignore the voice inside its him honey he will guide you trust it believe it it will happen its the way it is suppose to be…

  24. hisprincessbydayApr 21, 2010

    Just say yes to love in the face of fear adversity say yes to it keep saying Ive always known he was there i kept looking looking looking we have given many others our love and energy which drained both of us but between us it is rekindling.

  25. hisprincessbydayApr 22, 2010

    the spiritual connection can not be mistaken, there is no way to deny it, we both have similar physical features, we both have similar medical issues, he held my left hand up and placed his on my palm that touch has transended through time and distance i still feel our hands pressed together and the white light is there..I love him but not as i thought i loved others. I dont want to be without him and if i could i would spend every waking moment with him I miss him in huge amounts think of him

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