Where can I go for guidance and direction regarding dealing with empathic feelings?

I feel emotions of people around me, mostly those I am more connected to and sometimes those I do not know but are experiencing very strong emotions, mostly negative. I have been aware of these feelings as long as I can remember. I am seeking guidance from someone who is an empath or who is very familiar with empathic feelings. Can you recommend someone who may be able to assist me with better managing the energy I feel?

I sincerely appreciate your help.

4 thoughts on “Where can I go for guidance and direction regarding dealing with empathic feelings?

  1. Someone who shares your delusions would NOT be the best person to speak to.

    Go to your family doctor and hopefully they will refer you to a consultant psychiatrist.

    Good luck.

  2. Drugs and therapy are the cure and the possibility that you might be experiencing something that others are too ignorant to accept as a possibility, means you’re crazy. That’s the standard answer for those who lack understanding, isn’t it?

    Perhaps someone with some useful insight to this question will answer it. X certainly has no clue and is probably too closed-minded to ever get a clue.

  3. really the best thing you can do is master your own emotions better…if you can remain happy within yourself it wont matter what other people are feeling…to remain happy with yourself i recommend reading “the te of piglet”….its very simple and most people are hesitant to accept advice from something related to piglet but it teaches you how to be happy even when presented with bad situations as well as most anything taoist does whether your taoist or not…point is im not sure if your really an empath but if you are you wont be able to just get rid of it and if you could you shouldnt so master your own emotions and that should be good enough.

  4. i know what you feel,since i was a child i could feel every emotion of ppl around me as if it was my own. as i grew up i had to learn to have my own emotions seperate from what i could feel around me. with some hard work you can learn to control what feelings you let in and block out some. being empathic is a gift but one that can take time to master. michael is right,establish your own emotions and dont be hurt but what others feel,once you have ur own emotional identity u can deal with the emotional identities around urself

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