11 thoughts on “Andrew Wyeth Tribute

  1. Christina was the model for Wyeth when he painted the painting. She was in fact crippled by polio and could not walk even if she tried. I’m sure Mr. Wyeth helped her home after the painting session since they were friends. But the real story is not what its about. To me, the painting is about longing and loneliness and wanting to escape.

  2. Thank you delise54.
    Christina was an inspiration to me.
    I first saw her in a high school art book and never forgot her. I never new she was crippled.
    To me, it was the ultimate statement of deep longing.

  3. Great ideal! The tribute is perfect and says it all musicall and lyrically. EOS

  4. True.
    North Fork sound is one of the great treasures of free thought on internet radio today.

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