25 thoughts on “ASTRAL PROJECTION – Kabalah

  1. I want this to play from the heavens while I am running around in the forests and hills, jumping up and down, rolling around, dancing in the wind and rain! LIFE IS GOOD MY FRIENDS!

  2. @desan476 cool…each to their own…I just meant that rap and dance made without effort = no listeners

  3. This song was added on August 11, my birthday! Makes the song even more awesome.

  4. @decayed19 : yes thats true.. but some kinds of art i just dont understand… for example some of the abstract paintings – artist just spits some paint splats on screen and it is called ART… theese paintings can also be made accidentaly by falling a paintcan on floor.. but when people like it, i dont argue. it is very good that people are different and we have different tastes.. but something i just dont get.. thats all 😛

  5. @desan476 but to make music (or any art) that ppl will like, you have to put time and effort into it and if you dont then ppl probably wont like it, because we can tell when something isnt genuine, imo thats wat makes stuff good!

  6. my friend has recording studio… he showed me how its made this kind of shit… it took less then 3 minutes to make 5 minute long song! and some people call this kind of music ART! its same like rap… you can make 15 songs out of 12 samples

  7. @TRANCEMASTER59 i think its the picture from the tool music video, parabola i think

  8. The contract entered into with any god of your choosing is very simple and always exactly the same.
    You agree that one day you must die to go and be with your god.
    That is the pact that is made.
    No one said you had to die but your god.
    Death is eternity in the Sun, the blazing lake of fire, where all excess energy in this Solar System goes.
    Therefore it is unwise to follow the religious to god.

  9. Your neighbourhoods will hate You… But i Still play this on Volume 100%

    604 dB! dO_Ob

  10. its a cg version of an alex grey picture used in the parabola music video.

  11. this music is gay unless your tripping i was looking for how to astro project

  12. @MarinacCROat yes and no it is in the family of hallucinogentics just not strong one in hense the body high and it affects ppl differnetly and why u trip harder when u smoke pot with shrooms peace

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