Conception point, Twin Flame choice and The November Timeline

Conception point, Twin Flame choice and The November Timeline

Questions on artificial insemination, Twin Flames and the 11.11 gateway are responded to by the White, Winged, Collective, Consciousness of Nine through Magenta Pixie. Geometric artwork by Joseph Lopez, music by Freeplay Music LCC

  1. sumblockApr 22, 2010

    i ask for your help directly . Samarth Mayaram Acharya 9 9 9

  2. xcryptaApr 22, 2010

    hmm to explain it in a exsample
    like how a drawing is to height and width to a 3D awareness time and space is like a drawing to a to a 5D awareness , to sum it up your connecting or more aware of your future self , Future /Past is the maze Present the rat running though with choices in a infinite loop

  3. waylo4526Apr 22, 2010

    dont really agree with this but very interesting though?

  4. stashpot80Apr 22, 2010

    everything that i experience in life is relevant, at least to ME. good example, i com across this video during a time where i am thinking i hav met my soul mate or twin flame or something. so are we, n these times, supposed 2 b experiencing things that we might identify as……….for lack of any better terms, metaphysical/metaspiritual/metawhatever abilities? it happens with me all the time and i dont know what to make of it. it seems like all my thoughts manifest as reality. wats up with that

  5. the26thhourApr 22, 2010

    The end of this msg, on the 11:11 path of Christ Consciousness, is mighty indeed

  6. zelikrisApr 22, 2010

    Wonderful as always. Thank you.

  7. GreenKaya420Apr 22, 2010

    So weird that you would bring up the twins I was just thinking about that earlier today!! I was wondering if they would share a soul or had their own thanks for all the great info!!

  8. PaulLayton1102Apr 22, 2010

    please put your mic further from your mouth. your popping the mic which is quite annoying, ty

  9. iLoveOlivaMunnApr 22, 2010

    33 ratings 333 views 🙂

  10. joelito101Apr 22, 2010

    Thank you Pixie, have not heard from you in a while.

  11. FootboyboyApr 22, 2010

    love love!!

  12. TheStarDragonApr 22, 2010

    Thank you for sharing.

  13. deke76Apr 22, 2010

    Great to hear, saltycreefer!

  14. saltycreeferApr 22, 2010

    @deke76 It really is !& the more we all confront our own personal fears and defeat them, the more light we allow to shine. I am in the process of facing my biggest fear of all & if all goes as planned,This will be a devastating blow to the dark forces. It’s worth all the risk in the world.

  15. dr00minApr 22, 2010

    It is becoming more and more “normal” that I ask a question and you upload a channeling session answering the exact question and then continue the same thought process.
    Thank you friend.
    Big hug! x

  16. Tammy88881Apr 22, 2010

    Wonderful! Thank you!

  17. deke76Apr 22, 2010

    “Awareness of truth” – interesting that the hacked emails from the global warming alarmists and the defeat of the amendment to Ron Paul’s HR 1207 have come in the last several days. It looks like the light is shining on dark places indeed.

  18. yocbjoneApr 22, 2010

    thanks pixie! i just found my twin flame, on the 17/11. she was born 17/1/86 (my mom aslo is 17 of january) and i’m 27/08/82, its just awesome, she lives in utah and i in norway, we’re talking for hours on skype every day 🙂 we are the same.

    i think alot of people are connecting with their twin in these times.

  19. muguiApr 22, 2010

    Excellent video Petra!
    November the 29th is also 11.11.11 (2+9)

  20. maintocApr 22, 2010

    Thanks for this.

  21. BerryJoyApr 22, 2010

    i guess you’d call that a twin flame triangle

  22. kevinlmanonApr 22, 2010

    lovely 😀 things are going so fast right now

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