How to choose stones and crystals?

How to choose stones and crystals? This video talks about how to choose stones and crystals and how do we know if the stone or crystal will benefit us. A simple guideline to choose a stone or crystals that fit your needs.

  1. 777TIZZableApr 22, 2010

    Stones & Crystal Are Awesome & The Energy They Give Off, WQe Are All Connected…

    Ten Stars************To This Video & All Like It…

  2. nrgstreamApr 22, 2010

    Google orgonite 🙂

  3. YingYingChung999Apr 22, 2010

    Yes. Tektite and Optical Calcite are the two that you can use to amplify the energy of other stone. I do not have them on my website yet but I do carry them and you can email me and I will email you the pictures.

  4. thajadewolfApr 22, 2010

    Are there any stones out there that can amplify another stones energy it gives off? And if so, what kinds?…in other words, say I find a particular stone to place in my room, can I combine it with another to amplify the energy it gives off? Just curious 🙂

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