is it possible to meet your twin flame love of life,even if you are married?

is it possible to meet your twin flame love of life,even if you are married?

is it possible to fall in love with someone even if you are married,i know you marry for love and forever,but what if someone comes along who you think is your twin flame ,is it possible to fall in love with another even if you are married? or be in love with two people? just for research thanks x

  1. Guardian AngelApr 22, 2010

    Yes it’s possible. Of course the excitement of meeting someone new will outweigh the excitement of an established relationship, so if a person wants a one on one relationship, they would have to resist the temptation.

  2. Ms. MonsterApr 22, 2010

    Yeah, it’s possible. Of course it is. Just remember the flame will die down after a year or two as it always does and what really matters is who is more devoted, stable and loving. Passion and intensity don’t usually stick around in a longterm monogamous relationship, you have to work hard to keep it interesting.

  3. premApr 22, 2010

    no one knows when love attack any one if she is married or is quite possible when yu expectation from yu partner is missing and other may fulfill yu expectation then no body can stop that flame once is started burning.only god can save her husband .

  4. WTFever!!!Apr 22, 2010

    People who know how to love don’t put themselves in these types of situations they distance them self from temptation only h@*s have this so call problem of loving more than one person it’s not love they just can’t and don’t control themselves ppl can run into a person they want constantly if they care to.

  5. FaithApr 22, 2010

    LOL what are you 12? Flam love, soul mates = bs. If I had a dollar every time I heard someone say this only to break up with that person also. Truth be known there is no such thing there is love and commitment that’s all. You find someone that you feel you want to start a family with and stick with for life and you commit to it end of story there is no (I’ll say it so you will get it) back sees lol grow up and stop thinking with your hormones.

  6. Garnet GlitterApr 22, 2010

    You need to stop reading the stupid, silly romance novels out there, they are NOT real life, dear…

    “twin flame love of life”..boy if that is EVER a sappy quote from one of those rediculous books, that’s IT….

    What you are talking about is called infatuation fueled by hormones….act upon it and you will distroy a marriage….and in the end the feelings will fade and you will be left with a failed marriage, a husband who can not trust you, if he even stays your husband, and a lover you will look at and say “WHAT was I thinking!”

  7. LeanneSep 25, 2010

    Yes it is very possible. First of all you should be asking people who have actually experienced a twin flame merging or are in a twin flame relationship. Most people think it is a load of crap which is exactly what i thought until i had the merging experience last year. Most times when you meet your twin flame (if you are the 1 percent of people on earth that have)and if you or they are in a relationship it usually happens when the relationships you are in are on their last legs and meeting your twin flame is enough to push it over the edge. It is neither good or bad it is just how the two of you decided it was to be in this lifetime. otherwise if both of you are happy in your relationships with other people then the spiritual mission can also work on a different level and you should be able to connect without being in a physical relationship. Again, it is what was decided before your incarnation. remember, a soul mate is not a twin flame. when you meet your twin flame in the physical your two souls will merge into one and you will have telepathy. good luck.

  8. LAMar 05, 2013

    I am married and believe I have met my twin flame. All the synchronicities, the running/chasing…you name it. We mirror each other, finish each others sentences, cause electrical equip. to sometimes short out when we are standing closely. Who says its all about hormones??? Kinda judgmental I say. Its up to source/the universe to judge us as humans. NOT HUMANS. Sure I’d LOVE to be making love with my twin flame. We hang out together sometimes and then he runs. Been going on for 2 years now. He finally kissed me:) I will end my present marriage first, regardless if we are indeed meant to ever become physical. But I will end it for me and my sanity and take things one day at a time and stay in the present moment and put ME first. If my twin and I are meant to be it will happen when its ready. Perhaps my present marriage is whats causing him to run then get close again.

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