John Everett Millais _ Pre-Raphaelite Painter

More about painters and paintings: Sir John Everett Millais, 1st Baronet, (June 8, 1829 — August 13, 1896) was an English painter and illustrator and one of the founders of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. John Everett Millais (Southampton, 8 de Junho de 1829 — Londres, 13 de Agosto de 1896) foi um pintor e ilustrador inglês. Fundou, juntamente com Dante Gabriel Rossetti e William Holman Hunt, em 1848, a Irmandade Pré-Rafaelita, um grupo artístico entre o espírito revivalista do romantismo e as novas vanguardas do século XX. Music: Vangelis (12 o’clock)- Cosmos Video edited by Gil Carosio Honors for this video today (04-05-2008) #74 – Most Discussed (Today) – Education #58 – Most Viewed (Today) – Education – Italy #50 – Most Viewed (Today) – Education – Brazil #48 – Top Favorites (Today) – Education #69 – Top Rated (Today) – Education Honors for this video (2) 01-02-2009 #9 – Most Responded (This Month) – Education – Brazil #72 – Most Responded (All Time) – Education – Brazil

25 thoughts on “John Everett Millais _ Pre-Raphaelite Painter

  1. @clamdip2
    Thanks..It has many beautiful paintings and the video would be too long if I put more time in the paintings.

  2. also the painting at 2:49 makes me want to cry. It evokes an incredible potency of emotion.

  3. The painting at 1:15..
    is that representing Ophelia’s drowning in Hamlet?

  4. Stupendo Millais, e ancora più bello con la cornice di questa musica…

  5. Esse músico grego Vangelis realmente é sem comentários,dos melhores de todos os tempos,essa música é perfeita para relaxar e suavizar e ela remete 1 essência,parece q estou no cosmos.

  6. Olha,realmente muito emocionante,a música e as imagens,a arte e a música suave boa é relaxante para a mente.O 1° vídeo seu q ví,foi esse,se não me engano Gil,acho q tenho 2 vídeos q fiz com essa música q peguei aqui e aproveitei.

  7. Douce évocation romanesque. Montage condensé, harmonieux. Finesse d’esprit.
    Bravo Gil!

  8. Yes. I am fascinated by the paintings of Millais.
    I also saw some of it in the Tate gallery in London ..

  9. He was so great, such meaningful pictures! I wish more would be familiar with his work… I just so some of his pictures in London, and I was amazed how bright the colours are! It’s just unbelievable… Greetings from Hungary!

  10. The Pre-Raphaelites have always been my favorite artists, thank you for uploading this and picking such great music to accompany 🙂 Perfect!

  11. absolutly pervect. beauty music
    your video is better than me. that´s all right. I am only beginer.

  12. ottima risposta a Matisse. … più …video che raccontano l’arte … a contronto più e bello

  13. ho apprezzato molto gli abiti di quell’ epoca la musica in sottofondo sublime

  14. Grazie Anna per aver condiviso qusto bellissimo video, e grazie agilcarosio per averlo postato. Grande!!!

  15. Splendid painters and paintings Gil !!!!!!!! Good job!!! Grazie ad Anna per avermelo inviato!!! Baci Perla.

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