Kirtan Kriya Meditation

Kirtan Kriya Meditation It’s been a while since I posted one of the videos with Guruka Singh so I thought it might be a good time to share another one. I didn’t want to post too many of the meditations at once and allow some of you to try them out. I am curious to know if you have tried any of the meditations that I posted earlier and what your experiences were. Obviously you have to do them in order to experience them. The Kirtan Kriya meditation is one of the first meditations that I ever learnt and is great for breaking habit patterns, emotional balance and just overall calmness and clarity. Yogi Bhajan used to say that if you had to chose just one meditation, to do this one. Watch the video below to see Guruka Singh explain the meditation and how to do it. Full details on the meditation at:

  1. TerryOlingerApr 22, 2010

    Thanks for posting.

  2. artesegunyoApr 22, 2010

    thank you!

  3. smediatorApr 22, 2010

    Amazing Amazing Amazing Amazing! Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru

  4. shayel30Apr 22, 2010

    how inspiring the good english used to teach the west world.. maybe we should learn hindi and teach some stuff to help those in need there… after all we all live on the same planet

  5. myheartsingzApr 22, 2010

    I read about this Meditation, but you brought it alive for me and now it is living in me every day.
    Sat Nam

  6. brunnerallisonApr 22, 2010

    I was drawn to this kriya after reading How God Affects Your Brain. Great book–it demonstrates how meditation, yoga, attention/focus on God, etc, changes alters our brains neurologically in a positive way. This kurtan kriya, according to the writer, can increase concentration, memory, manifest positive things in our lives, decrease anxiety, and increase overall well-being.

  7. phrixus29Apr 22, 2010

    This is so great..I wish I was in the company of such people,perhaps to put me on the right path and thanks to gmustuk to have actually taken the effort to upload brilliant videos like these and many more…God Bless everyone..Satnam

  8. lovingenergyyogaApr 22, 2010

    Obviously some of the below comments are very judgemental and surprising. I thought this was a great way to teach satnam. Very clear and informative. I loved learning about the finger mudras and nerve points connected to the brain. A real science. Excellent. I’m going to teach this in my yoga class and feel confident now that I’ve listened to your video and praciticed a few times. Namaste

  9. jadewindsongApr 22, 2010

    Great stuff. Thanks for sharing. Love and Light to you all…

  10. pk8la4evaApr 22, 2010

    very enlightening

  11. India4lifeApr 22, 2010

    i have written 1 line and a half in which it clearly states that it DOESNT matter. Even in block capitals. He doesnt LOOK white thats why i just wanted to bring it to attention. so go try and be a smart ass somewhere else yeah

  12. Belle19700Apr 22, 2010

    WarbossT: Go back to your crib and find your rattle. There are things in this world that you’ve never even drempt of, so be quiet and listen, and learn.

  13. bohica31812Apr 22, 2010

    Why on earth would location matter in what you believe

  14. WarbossTApr 22, 2010

    This is so gay. I cant believe this faggotry! I recommend lifting weights and listening to death metal instead!

  15. mthakerApr 22, 2010

    Satnaam, Bhajanaam, Shivanaam, Ramnaam! Jay Sri Narayana! Oh the great names of the Supreme are endless! Thank you for this teaching.

  16. jhana1980Apr 22, 2010

    Thank you.

  17. kuridaisukiyoApr 22, 2010

    wondeful..i will try this with my boyfriend.

    thank you for teaching me how to achive internal peace.

  18. India4lifeApr 22, 2010

    how many have noticed that this is an american white sikh?? NOT THAT IT MATTERS. just sayin

  19. blcuteApr 22, 2010


  20. masemaamedApr 22, 2010

    sat nam

  21. naamrasApr 22, 2010

    I could watch this person all day, he seems so happy, every time I see one of his videos I feel uplifted. What a gifted soul.

  22. spidergem1Apr 22, 2010

    blessings apon you my friend your meditations have really help me further into my practice namaste

  23. webhauserApr 22, 2010

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa.

  24. FiveLovedOnesApr 22, 2010

    Guru Ji says”Thora sonvey thora hi Khavey Gursikh sohe sahaj Samavey”A guru ‘s sikh eats less(small meals 3 times a day) n sleeps such gurusikh remain in peace n gets a calm mind to meditate on Lord.Many blessings(Unmentionable in this limited space) follow soon.Kripa=Kri+pa=do it + get it.Remember the rule of Guru.U make efforts to follow guru ‘s Hukums n Guru will give u.

  25. 345262767598Apr 22, 2010

    oh this was great

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