Love, Relationships and Soul Mates: Soul Mates and Twin Flame

Author Dave Ferruolo talks about the difference between a soul mate and a twin flame and how we must learn our life lessons from the relationships we have. Self-help Author and Life Coach David Michael Ferruolo is far from typical, standing out amongst his peers. Although soundly based on age-old principals and modern psychology, his books and teachings, are experienced based mirroring the powerful lessons learned throughout his life. Diverse and impressive, Dave s background speaks for itself. Running a Martial Arts studio at the age of 15 was only the start to his impressive career. Not only is he a former Navy SEAL and successful business owner, Dave is an accomplished musician, an avid hiker, kayaker, rock climber, horse enthusiast, skier, and snowboarder. He has 100 plus skydives, over 10000 scuba dives and hosts his own TV series called NH Alive. Dave s life has been nothing less than astounding, and his wish is to inspire and motivate people to live the amazing adventure life is meant to be.

16 thoughts on “Love, Relationships and Soul Mates: Soul Mates and Twin Flame

  1. My twin flame/soulmate is more than 30 years my senior. (I’m almost 40.) But I savor every day with him and do truly feel complete. The fact that he feels the same way…just incredible.

  2. You can not define yourself by your condition. To do so will be giving your power to it. If someone does not like your because you have herpes… Well, they are not worthy of your attention, period! Herpes is a condition, not your heart or soul. Be yourself, and you will find love, one that accepts you entirely, regardless. Trust! It will happen.

  3. I wonder if i meet my soul mate and she finds out that i have herpes that she will still be my soul mate?

    You will find your soul mate if you are completely healthy, you have pretty much zero chance if you are not.

    I learned a life lesson that will live with me till death and affect all future relationships till death, but i didn’t get the condition through being promiscuous, i am the opposite of that, i just trust someone 9 years ago in a relationship and that is what happened.

  4. I find there is a very common misconception about twin flames. That they will always be lovers. I consider my own twin flame to be everything to me. We don’t have a physical relationship but he is my brother, my friend, my parent, my love and my twin.

    We are very much like twins separated at birth only to find each other years later.

  5. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. It is very true, when one meets his/her twin flame, life can be more pleasant, happier, smoother, even in facing difficulties, the two will pass them as if they did not exist. Perfect life dose to exist. But the harmony and the attractions, not the physical, but the mental, the spiritual and the emotional connections will reach this perfect unity in the twin flame. Finding that one, is a struggle in such busy world. Waiting for that one, is a wise course.

  6. Me and my twin flame met when we were only children and our connection was strong, we never needed to communicate with words. We were separated when I had to move to my native country and haven’t been communicating with him in ages, but now we are in contact again. He’s having psychological issues like I do. We are both emotionally very sensitive people. Sometimes it feels like I could feel his pain all the way here.

  7. destiny works in mysterious ways, if you’re ready, something great will happen.

  8. i’ve felt exactly what you talk about here but i was too young, inexperienced, lacking in self-confidence, and had alot of mad and bad things happening in my life so i did’nt deal well with things at the time, couldn’t comprehend what was going on and so i lost her.

    i never even got to tell her how i felt. i dont blame anybody but myself for how things turned out and never felt anything like that with anybody since. do you think its possible to meet again or have i blown it for this lifetime!

  9. You and your twin will have know each other from a young age, or at least have been crossing paths since then.

    A twin flame can only materialize in your life when you are at a place to learn your greatest life lessons and finally move through them.

    The attraction will be instant, magnetic, beyond mental and physical cravings and desires. You may even feel overwhelmed and frightened that someone can know you do fully, deeply. If you have any doubt at all, answer is no.

  10. Thank you for the video.
    One thing is bothering me: how do I distinguish between just soulmate and twinflame, how does this revelation looks like, how does it feel, simply said how do I know I met the original and not just a copy?

  11. nice video and explanation.. it would be nice to meet my twin flame… instead of just in dreams..

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